What Is the Best Part of Dating Scorpio

    The best thing about going out with you, Scorpio, is the passion that you transmit from minute 1. If you are known for something in the Zodiac, it is because of that passion that you keep inside. For that passionate way, you have to love and live. You are capable of capturing anyone's attention for all that you are capable of transmitting, and no one is capable of ignoring you for that force that you transmit. Anyone who has been with you knows what that passion we talk about so much is. That passion can change your life, something that will be marked by fire in your partner's heart and will be a mark that can never be erased. You are unforgettable, Scorpio, for everything you are capable of making others feel.

    The best thing about dating you, Scorpio, is that your partner doesn't have to worry about whether the flame goes out or not.

    With you, those problems will never exist in the relationship. You are that fire that is capable of stoking anything. You are that spark that many need in their life ... You are warm enough to create a fire and make the relationship much more special than anyone else. I said, Scorpio, anyone who has been with you will know that this is what we talk so much about ...

    You have to be careful because your dark side can become VERY dark.

    You have a lot of character, and first of all, you are a very distrustful and ill-considered person. It is indeed very difficult for you to trust the other person, but once you break that barrier and start to have confidence, absolutely everything changes. It is at that moment that you show yourself as you are, with your defects, but also with your virtues. It is in that moment when you let yourself be seen, and you are not afraid of anythingჴ€”that moment when your partner can start to enjoy every millimeter of you. From there, you become an extremely loyal person, a person who can be trusted for anything. Going out with you has its advantages and disadvantages, such as your strong emotions and your dangerous nature. But, Scorpio, we have only come here to talk about the good. You are not perfect, but you don't pretend to be either. And that's the best thing about going out with you, Scorpio, and you know perfectly everything you are capable of, but also what you are not. You are very special, Scorpio; believe it at once.