What Is the Letter From Scorpio?

    I never felt like the others. In fact, he was rather far from being ordinary. Since I was little, I felt inside me how strong energy shook me from time to time. I experienced hatred, jealousy, and sometimes even envy, but not "bad" envy, if not the healthy one, the one that later makes you move from the place where you are to achieve your goals, the one that encourages you to progress because if you know that the rest can get it, why can't you? Being a Scorpio is not easy. When everyone goes in one direction, you want to go the other. As you get older, you become much more rebellious, and no, it is not that you are the worst girl in the class (we leave that to other signs), but you are that independent girl who points out ways. Everyone thinks about it, even if not everyone says it: "If I squeezed all the potential that it has, it would go far, very far." But in my soul, things were very different, and I wanted to go out, travel, experiment, live the present intensely, fall in love and even be disappointed, work, earn money, do what I like the most in life, and of course not regret anything that I have not done out of fear. That is why I made mistakes and did not follow that path that would have made everything much easier but less intense. Being a Scorpio is not easy because, in the end, you end up getting everything you want, and sometimes everything you want is not everything you need; sometimes, everything you want is not everything that is good for you. Scorpio is the only sign that can evolve for those who do not know yet. And I do not mean to evolve to progress (that, in the end, everyone can do) but to transform. Scorpio is symbolized by three animals: the gray lizard, the scorpion, and the eagle. And most of us have gone through three; in fact, it would be his thing to always end up in დ?guila, the one who sees everything from above, the one who knows his position, and the one who knows what his power is. I have had seasons in which any stupidity hurt me (at that time, it was the biggest problem on the face of the earth for me), stages in which I closed myself in, and in which I did not want to know anything about it. The world around me, stages in which I fervently wished that fate would punish the people who had hurt me while I waited in the dark. He did not remember that he had Pluto power, that Scorpios in some way are different from others, and we have that power that makes us special. I was completely numb, wasting my potential, not even knowing that I had it and that I was destroying it. Luckily, that stage passed, and I promised myself to get it out of my mind as soon as possible for my health and happiness, but I also told myself that I would never erase it to remember what I would never do again. In spite of everything, I have to say that, even in the lowest moments, I did not sink enough that I could not get out afterward. Even at the last minute, when everything seemed lost, a supernatural force urged me to get up, to walk, to move on, as if, even if I wanted to, I couldn't completely abandon myself. It is never too late to evolve, and it is never too late to move forward and leave those shadows behind. Now, luckily, I feel like an Eagle; I am not afraid of anything, I face life as it comes, and I never make excuses. If someone attacks me, I defend myself, but I stay there, neither with my body nor with my mind; I let them continue on their way after settling the issue, without anger or rage. I know how to adapt to physical pain, to the pain of the soul, to material losses, to the losses of those close to me; I am aware that life is not fair many times, but I also know that I will no longer cry before my time as I did before. I'll do it when I have to. Resilience Being a Scorpio is not easy, but in the end, it is what has touched us, and I wear it with great pride; I love my sign, with its pluses and minuses. I like to be brave, and I love taking care of myself with that loyalty that characterizes me. I would jump a thousand times, on my own instinct and without thinking, to get between any danger and someone I love, even if it were a bullet. I will never forget the good gestures they have had with me, even though years have passed or the people who supported me when no one else did. If I could reward him in any way, I would do it without hesitation ... The problem sometimes is that I also remember the bad guys, although I try to fight against them because I am aware that they do not bring me anything good. Being a Scorpio is not easy. I have hated a lot, a lot; I have taken a face out of me in moments of my life that I regret very much. I have hurt people who did not deserve it, and I said things that I did not feel only for the pleasure that it gave me to see someone who had hurt me a lot receiving their own medicine. In the end, I have been involved in that type of game where they wanted to see me, I have let myself go, and I have been the best player of all. But that has already happened, and I have already paid for my sins. Being a Scorpio is not easy, nor is it simple, but it has many good things. Since I was little, I have fought against injustices and defended the weakest, especially the elderly, children, and animals. I remember watching scary movies until the early hours of the morning, I panicked, but I loved them. Everything related to death or the supernatural is something that Scorpio cannot escape, an incredible attraction. I also remember when I called my friends in the neighborhood, and they all followed me. I never considered myself the boss of anyone like others did, and I was a leader. That leader who cared for others, who protected them. Those who command and force are afraid, and those who lead are admired and respected. By my nature, I attracted admirers as well as enemies, but I stayed with those who contributed, with those who added. Even the latter, even if it was reluctant and scowling, "respected" you in some way. Astrology says so, we are brilliant, and we have magic, we are able to outperform our competitors, and we have a powerful empathy with human nature. Let's take advantage of it; we are Scorpios; we must not forget it.