What Scares Scorpio About Their Future

    The fame that you carry behind your back says that you are not scared of anything, Scorpio, but what may come after the uncertainty that has been surrounding you does worry you a bit. You're not made of ice, okay? Even if people think that you are someone who neither feels nor suffers, it is worth what they say because deep down, you do have very much in mind about what may be in store for you from now on. You are fed up with shutting up, waiting, not being able to take full control, and having to depend on the professionalism of others. You are up to the **** of having to go with nothing on insurance, that your present changes and the turns that you think are convenient like that, out of nowhere ... You are very fed up with everything. Deep down, there is a little scary, especially in the emotional field of Scorpio.

    Not having a totally 100% truthful answer assured in relation to an issue that you have been dragging on since last year deep down hurts, hurts, and worries you.

    It is obvious that that does not stain your future; it is obvious that that does not make or make you stop and give up on your fight, on your path, and on everything that remains for you to achieve. Still, you want a calmer life, more linear and with a safe future, with a clear and precise answer, something that lets you breathe freely at night ... You endure a lot of internal fear because you cannot let go of Scorpio's mistrust. Your personality is extremely independent; we repeat, you are a Scorpio, and Scorpios do not need to go after anyone's shadow to advance and succeed, and only the fact of relieving part of the responsibility to people who have shown you that they are incapable of having professionalism, you do not like nothing. You want everything that comes from now to fall into your hands and not into anyone else's. And even more so if that has to do with someone in your family or a project you have in the creation process.