What Scorpio Looks for in Their Life Partner

    You need to go hand in hand with someone who has the same genius as your Scorpio, and you need someone who knows how to understand your world and never questions it at first. Look, Scorpio, you are a very, very intense person, a lot; not everyone would be able to handle all the emotions and the adrenaline that hides inside your body for that very reason; you need to share your life with someone who complements you in every way. Scorpio, for the person next to you to turn out to be the ideal person, they should at least comply with most of these things:
    • Be someone loyal and real.
    • Not mincing words, to tell the truth.
    • Have a heart and feelings (You have them even if they paint you as a devil many times and you know it) and have very clear ideas.
    • Have maturity and know very well what your future goal is.
    They are little things that you cannot ignore and that you need to reside in the person who shares his life with you.

    Someone who understands you, who does not question you, who does not overwhelm you, and who lets you show your most intimate side over time.

    Believe it or not, it can also be difficult for you to open your heart completely; there have been many lessons that made you close it ... By your side, you need someone to calm your restlessness when it goes out of line, to put out that angry fire that they give you on occasions and that knows how to compliment you. May it never subtracts you, may it not eclipse you, and above all, may it not become small because of your intensity. Your soulmate does not have to be afraid of your magnetism (sometimes it scares Scorpio); on the contrary, they have to fall in love with it because you are a Scorpio, and there will be nothing that can change you.