What Scorpio Should Adviced in December

    This month you have to go crazy but in a good way. You have to go out, come in, burn pending things that you still have to do, enjoy yourself, laughჴ€¦ Stop thinking a bit about your day-to-day and Scorpio routine. It is necessary, things are going to change very suddenly with everything, and you have to know that either you rest your mind and start 2019 on the right foot, or in the end, you will end up saturated by everything that surrounds you.

    Come out, air yourself, Scorpio and keep in mind that life is two days, that memories are what no one will ever steal from you, and that it is the most valuable thing we can have right now.

    Be brave enough to live Scorpio differently. You will be the center of attention, but you do not want to be, by yourself; with your way of being and with your energy, you end up being the sauce of all the lives of everyone around you. Think where you have to invest your time now, just that. You have always been smart enough to know Scorpio. FOREVER.