What Scorpio Should Let Go in December

    It would help if you put that cruelty aside

    Scorpio, you are the queen or king of brutality when you want. You know how to be super poisonous, you know how to say the worst words at the right time, you know how to hurt when you want to hurt ... And yes, your sting can hurt Scorpio. You indeed know how to do all that, and it is also true that you know when to do it intentionally, Scorpio. And that is what you must change, and you have to make an effort so that, every time you get those outbursts that, it must be said, usually come because they have done you a lot of damage, you make an effort to remain calm.

    You know very well that, although it seems that others are the ones who suffer from your behavior, you also make it Scorpio.

    You are a good Scorpio person, and really that all that rage and all that anger that you often accumulate only hurts yourself. Be careful to stay away from some people who only stir you inside and create insecurities. Be careful not to approach only those who care for you and do you good. It is time to spend with family and friends. There are many people who love you, Scorpios, and there are many people with whom you should spend your time. The rest is left over ...