What Scorpio Wants in a Relationship but Does Not Ask for It

    That you never betray him, that you understand his way of being and thinking, that you are loyal all your life, that you admire him for what he does.

    Scorpio is a pure mystery and pure passion and is one of the most sought-after signs in the entire zodiac realm. She is super attractive, they will be uglier or more handsome, but EVERYONE, without exception, has something that draws the attention of others a lot. That way they talk, that way they walk, the way they present themselves or move ... Scorpio is magnetic, extremely magnetic. But it is also true that they have a kind of energy that just as they bring you closer to them, they also drive you away in some way. And that is what Scorpio does not want when he loves you, for you to walk away. He knows that he has a somewhat "complicated" personality; he has a lot of character and does not shut up on anything. Unfortunately, for some people, that is a serious problem. Scorpios are super selective about everything; they will not settle for little, nor will they settle for anyone. You will have to try to work to break down all those walls and convince him that you are trustworthy. Good.

    You cannot imagine the insecurities that the Scorpio has above; you cannot imagine the things it has gone through and that have made it much stronger, much harder, and much colder.

    That is why it has the character it has. So even in the best relationship in the world, he will always be a little suspicious; always have in mind the idea that you might betray him one day. And no, he will never tell you; he will never expose those fears unless he explodes, and he can't take it anymore. He knows, on the other hand, that thinking like this does not allow him to advance in the relationship; he knows that this can hurt him more, so he wants you to understand it, and it will be complicated because you will not even know what is happening ... Do everything you can for Scorpio to trust you.