What Scorpio Wants Right Now

Now you want clarity, transparency, calm and relaxation. Look Scorpio, nobody like you knows what it is to live on the edge, after hours, with more fatigue than energy and with chaos on your back but still, pulling forward. Nobody has the slightest idea of all the effort you have made in the year that we have just left behind.

NOBODY has a Scorpio idea, but you do and you should use this as an extra energy to make everything go to waste and what you really want to come once and for all.

2018 was also a year of own mistakes and that is very important Scorpio, because there is the key to success, this time you have really learned. Scorpio, you are going to blow it, you are going to leave your mark and 2019 is going to give you the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, but before bringing good things into your life you have to eliminate the old ones, those that are not worth it and those that are already beginning to smell rotten. As simple as that. Regret for what you did or could do in your day? IN LIFE Scorpio, now you no longer want regrets, sleepless nights, arguments and general discomfort.

Now what you want is a future, a long future with the maximum possible clarity and that is achieved by working so, eat the shark world because you had forgotten who you are, you have put aside your pride and you know what? You are Scorpio and if you put your mind to it, there will be nothing or no one to stop you. We do not tell you this as the typical self-help text to motivate you Scorpio, we remind you because you had forgotten it and because you also deserve to have the primer read.

If you can be TOP, don’t settle for being someone else Scorpio, just that. For all.