What Scorpio Will Never Do

    What would you never do, Scorpio? Coming from you, it is something surprising because it is much more emotional than people can imagine. Scorpio, you would never leave your heart in the hands of a person unknown to you, and you know it. Many things, moments, and signs have to happen for you to give in to give that gift so precious to you. Yes, there are people who still question the fact that you have one of the largest hearts in the zodiac, but Scorpio is what there is; people who continue to weigh like this are people who left their minds in ancient times. It's true, Scorpio, that deep part of you is like a priceless gift to you. You don't open your heart to just anyone, and you know it.

    It is not the same to have friendships with the right to touch or adventures of a few months. Not at all, Scorpio, you know it very, very well ... For you, giving your heart is the last step, the decisive one, the greatest show of love you can do to someone ....

    That may be why it is difficult for you to trust the first time. Maybe for that reason, your circle of people of full trust is so small, and you know it. For you, being someone else is not the same as being a FRIEND. It is not the same to be a partner to be THE PARTNER, and you know it. Whoever has a key to access your heart and your deepest self does not know it but has something unique, special, invaluable, and something that will always be worth fighting for. Seriously, Scorpio, you will never be willing to extend a copy of those keys to everyone who claims to be your friend. You will never put aside your cunning and unprotect your heart that way because you know what? That years and experiences have made you a very wise person, and thanks to this combo, you already know that it is better to distrust in time than to sin and give confidence to someone who does not deserve that position. Whoever makes a hole in your heart does not know but wins the best prize that the visa can give you. You know it, Scorpio.