What Should Scorpio Do When They Need to Rest

    What to do when you need a break? Can a Scorpio rest their mind for a couple of hours at a time? Let's see, and it isn't very easy. Scorpio, you are a very, very intense person, and you do not know how to hold hands. Just thinking that you have to do nothing to rest already causes you anxiety. For you, resting is a MYTH because even if you force yourself to do it, you never end up doing it well ... nothing happens; here are some tips so that your mind has the opportunity to know what it is to rest.

    Playing sports like yoga or doing some meditation would relax you for a maximum of fifteen minutes, no more. You know it, Scorpio.

    Surely while you practice it you are mentally writing down all the tasks that you have to do later ... Going somewhere with a lot of nature is surely a trap (it would not be a very good idea to rest), because it would end up passing you some anecdote of yours ... So how can you relax? Unburdening yourself. That's right, telling a good friend all the troubles and problems you've had during the week. Talking to a good friend about everything or nothing. Conversations of those that start with nonsense and then go on for hours and hours ... Surely you have friends with whom you talk about how to solve the Scorpio world; you don't know how good it feels after a good talk with someone who listens to you from the truth. Warning: that someone is not a pure nerve, because what you need is tranquility, stay with someone who inspires a lot of peace ...