What You Want Vs What You Need That You Should Know Scorpio

    What you want:

    Scorpio, you love the impossible, especially in love. You would love to fall in love with that person you think would be impossible. Someone mysterious, someone with overwhelming strength, and someone who drives you crazy from head to toe. A person who makes you feel more important than you are and who makes you see that love is worth it. In your life, you like stability, and you want someone to reinforce it whenever possible. You want someone who meets all your expectations in such a way that it surprises you every day a little more. You also want a person who is detailed but also knows how to value your details. You want someone who can show you off. You are a person with a slightly cold exterior but a very warm interior. You want someone who knows how to break that exterior ice with a single lookჴ€”someone who has an inexhaustible passion and is willing to share it with you.

    What you need:

    What you need in a relationship is a person who accepts you for being who you are. Accept your hobbies but also love each of your flaws. Someone who does not give you reasons to awaken that dangerous jealousy that you have because your heart has been able to trust that person fully. Someone who gives you the value you deserve and makes you feel completely loved. You also need to control the other person, especially on an emotional level. It would help if you always were clear about your partner's emotions. You want to be sure that everything you feel is true, that there are no deceptions, and that your reality corresponds to your partner's. In short, Scorpio, you need to make things very clear from the beginning without more.