When Scorpio Wants to Be Bad

    If Scorpio wants to be bad, it will be a LOT ... Because that reputation of being the worst sign of the Zodiac is for something. The dark side of Scorpio can be VERY but VERY dark, much more than any of the other zodiac signs ... As most of the world already knows, Scorpio is the most vengeful sign par excellence, to such an extent that it can create Machiavellian plans in its mind just in order to return to that person all the damage it did.

    Scorpio does not care if revenge is served on a cold plate or a hot plate; the case is to take revenge and make the other person pay for all the damage.

    But the best thing about this revenge is that you don't expect it ... Scorpio keeps the ace up his sleeve and takes it out at the least expected moment. It is also true that not expecting Scorpio's revenge is a bit foolish ... Knowing how it is, you should expect anything and more if you know that he feels hurt by something you have done to him. Scorpio always keeps mysteries that are rarely discovered, good or bad. This is Scorpio, a surprise box or a bomb waiting to explode.

    Although it is also true that most people already know Scorpio's intentions perfectly and walk with lead before doing anything ...

    Scorpio is a person with a lot of power; the good may be the person with the most heart in the world, but the bad ... The devil himself is bad. And it is that power that makes him a very manipulative person; he does and undoes everything at will, as it suits him, and sees that he can do more damage. He is an expert in that and especially when he has been betrayed.

    When Scorpios want to be bad, they know that it is best not to give them second chances.

    Neither forgive nor forget, much less will it give second chances this free. And even less when the matter is still hot. Perhaps it may seem that he has been given that opportunity and that everything has returned to the way it was before. Still, deep down, Scorpio is observing everything that person does with a magnifying glass and looking for a reason to blame him for everything he has done. Scorpio is capable of taking out that fuck you did to him in 2008 and what you didn't do to him yesterday. Scorpio remembers everything, everything, no matter how long it has been. Your memory is like a hard drive with a lot of capacity. But the reason that will bring out the worst side of Scorpio is going to be infidelity. In other words, don't even think about trying to make the Scorpion jealous because its venom can literally be deadly.

    For Scorpio, infidelity means going to the black list, to the list of people who could never forgive.

    He is going to sing the forty to that person who has betrayed him, and he is going to tell him everything he has to say, without regard, without thinking about anything other than exploding and letting go of everything that has hurt him. And he will be able to ruin that person's life if he wants to, to go after his day in and day out to remind him of everything he did wrong and the damage he did.

    The worst thing about Scorpio is that he is a very intelligent and intuitive person.

    Before meeting someone, you already know their defects and virtues, and that is where the real evil lies. By knowing people so well, he knows when and where to strike. He knows what the weaknesses are and what hurts people the most and uses that to his advantage. This is really what makes Scorpio so bad because what hurts people the most is that they mess with their flaws and attack where it hurts the most.

    Scorpios can be the worst person on the face of the Earth, but they have every reason to be.

    He does not get angry for no reason; that is always clear from the beginning. If Scorpio has made things clear to you, it is because he had sufficient reasons to do so. It is like that because life has made it that way. Because he has tired of betrayals, lies, hypocrisy, and injustices. Scorpios have grown tired of never being taken seriously and people playing with their feelings and hearts. In addition, whoever warns is not a traitor, and Scorpio makes it very clear from the beginning that if you behave badly, you will get what you deserve. Scorpio is bad because they make him bad. If you are a good person with Scorpio and behave as you should, Scorpio is going to be the best person in the world. He has the best heart in the world and will give you all the love you deserve and bad, but if not ... You know.