Which Is the Greatest Insecurity of Scorpio Sign

    You are Scorpio, a water sign, and that means that you are very sentimental. But just because you're so sentimental doesn't mean you take your feelings out for a walk every day ... That really only happens once every long. You are a very reserved person. You like to keep your personal life to yourself, and you can't stand people going where they don't call to try to discover something about your private life. That people are like this makes you VERY on your nerves. If you decide that you don't want something to come to light, you don't understand why people have such a hard time respecting your decision. And precisely, your insecurities arise at this point.

    It makes you feel uncomfortable that someone is trying to invade your privacy, even when that person is someone who loves you or someone who wants to trust you.

    Your biggest fear is that someone will judge you or humiliate you when they find out about certain things in your life. Scorpio, you are a very dark person who keeps many secrets, and your biggest fear is that those secrets will come to light and that people will start judging you and start talking about it as if there is no tomorrow. It's okay to try to protect your heart and especially your reputation, but you can't be like that with everyone. Believe it or not, there are still good people out there, people who are waiting to meet you and be able to trust you.

    Your insecurities come from your past, from everything you've lived through, and from what you've suffered.

    You don't want anyone to uncover 'Pandora's box and reveal your most vulnerable side. But, Scorpio, you have to know that nothing happens to be vulnerable. Everyone has feelings, and if they are good people, they will know how to put themselves in your place and will try to help you manage all those feelings. Let yourself go more, Scorpio; take your feelings out of your heart much more often and free yourself even if you are afraid. Being vulnerable isn't bad, Scorpio, and anyone who says otherwise doesn't deserve a second of your attention.