Which Sign Can Be the Best Valentine for Scorpio

    You are an extremely independent person, and with everything, you are always making a difference, Scorpio. For this reason, you probably care little about Valentine's Day, to say nothing. If everyone does it, you no longer want it. You have been too tired for a couple of days to read posts from your friends showing all the love they have or receiving emails about those things to which you are subscribed telling you that you have I do not know how much discount you buy your products for being the day of love. Fuck it already.

    For you, love is not shown on a day like this, commercial to the fullest.

    For you, there are other types of days when you can prove everything. But since this day exists, if you think about it, you can try to iron out some rough edges with your partner. In the end, just for being Valentine, surely your boy-to-girl will be much more receptive to everything. Yes, under all this layer of eccentricity that you have, you hide a sensitive and funny side that you cannot hide. And if you have to be detailed with someone who is excited about this day, then you will be. On February 14, 2019, sex will be the protagonist of the days of Scorpios, who have found their soul mate. The body asks for rumba, and Scorpio is precisely not one of those who set limits, so enjoy. And please, without thinking of anything else. Neither in fights, nor in grudges, nor in things of the past, of the future ... Make a stop to everything. Your mind will thank you. If someone wants to be a mom soon, what better than now. Let's repopulate the world of little Scorpios! If you are single, you probably bring out that dark and powerful side of you that attracts anyone. Yes, Scorpio, you have magic, and that person who has stolen your thoughts will end up falling in love with you. Although it has to be said, that person is probably not even the love of your life, so keep an eye out.

    Your best compatibility with the signs for Valentine's Day:

    Taurus: They are magnets that now cannot resist each other. Honesty can be one of the most important values of this attraction. Cancer: Despite the differences, which are many, today, there may be an important approach. Virgo: The water element and the earth element make mud, a spectacular mud, a strong connection, a mass, one by two. Libra: Laughter is guaranteed if they reach agreements, and instead of taking things so seriously, they do it a little more calmly. Sagittarius: Understanding is back; finally... You have to take advantage. Pisces: In spite of everything, talking is understood by people. And there is much to put in order.