Why Dating a Scorpio Woman Is Not Easy?

    Dating a Scorpio is not easy; everyone knows that, but when you do it, it is one of those loves that are not easily forgotten, one of those loves that remains deeply rooted in you ... The Scorpio woman, whether you like it or not, will make you obsess over it and make you fall in love with her until the end. And no, you will never get to know her fully because she always has something up her sleeve (just in case). It will not just be its attractiveness that will get you. The Scorpio woman is usually pretty, and if not, attractive, and if not, she has an extremely powerful mind to leave you mesmerized for a while. There is something like that dangerous about her, something you are drawn to and cannot understand.

    Scorpio is a reserved woman. She is super energetic and has impressive nerves but seems mysterious and quiet.

    She knows how to control herself and knows when to shut up and when to speak, although when they have driven her too crazy, she explodes without filters and says a few words without anesthesia capable of knocking down the strongest. Nobody knows what is going through his head; nobody knows what he feels or what he thinks. It has to speak and say it so that you understand what is there. Scorpio is outgoing and open but keeps a lot to herself. He is a person who transmits a lot of confidence, and if you tell him a secret or deep thought or something that disturbs you, he will take it to the grave. He will never say anything, and he will close his mouth to the end. It is true that dating Scorpio is not easy, but in the end, it is worth it. She is very stubborn; she is very stubborn and is always willing to get away with it. If you have a project in your mind, you get it anyway, and you go to the end, you go for it all. And there is no room for no. She succeeds, yes or yes ... If you want to conquer her, let her take the reins a bit.

    Although Scorpio does not open his heart to just anyone, when he feels that he is the right person for it, he begins to open up much more, to speak and to show himself as he is.

    Scorpio hooks and hooks a lot; it hypnotizes, it takes you to its ground, but no, it will not hurt you as long as you do not do it to it. He will not bear a betrayal. And he will be able to tell you the most hurtful words in the world, the most painful, the most terrible. Those that you can never forget ... But be careful, because once he falls in love with you, you will become his person, his only person. And it will protect you a lot, and it will treat you like a God or a Goddess. Please don't hurt her because there is nothing more poisonous than the anger and vengeance of a hurt Scorpion. And if you have done her profound damage, prepare yourself never to see her EVER again.