Why Does Everyone Hate or Dislike Scorpio So Much?

    People who only get the negative side of people are people who are never going to move forward in their life, and you know it, Scorpio. You hate that kind of behavior, and you hate being held back when everything is more than settled. You pretend you don't care. You pretend it doesn't hurt, but people who have the privilege of really knowing you know more than enough that the sparkle in your eyes says the opposite.

    The opinion that others may have does not matter to you, but the opinion that yours may have about you kills you.

    You are afraid to think that they will not love you in the same way that you do in your past. Scorpio, everyone has a stain in our past that we want to get rid of, but it is what it is. You have to love yourself to love others and feel that they truly love you. You, you and only you, Scorpio. Because if you don't love yourself enough, what do you intend to give to others? Who does not see beyond the bad that can be remembered, door?

    Whoever does not have enough strength and courage to scare away all the ghosts that may appear on the way door, very simple Scorpio, you don't have to complicate your life to be in harmony.

    But what you shouldn't do, Scorpio, feel like you don't have a place in this worldჴ€”thinking that no one will really love you for your character and your way of being. Alone, being a Scorpio, surely whoever knows you love you until it hurts. If they love you, they love you madly. Your heart should only have beautiful, positive memories and great lessons to carry out in the future. But past things, no. that is no longer Scorpio.