Why Does Scorpio Fear to Fall in Love

    Surprisingly Scorpio, what scares you the most about love are last-minute murky discoveries when you already trusted 100%. That your partner has a past does not matter to you, you also have your past, and coming from someone like you, it is not a past marked by boredom, but that your partner has very dark secrets that you have no idea or a double face that you did not see ahead of time, it really kills you, and you know it Scorpio.

    The fact that you fully trust someone who does not do the same with you, you do not like Scorpio at all, that they laugh at you in your face with that kind of low betrayal is the last straw for your patience, and when that glass it fills to the maximum of water it overflows, and when your patience overflows, badჴ€¦.

    Seriously, it is that you do not care where he comes from, what he was, what he could do in his day, but what you DO NOT care about is discovering at the last moment that you are with a very different person than the one you met in his first day. The fear of showing your true Scorpio self comes hand in hand because when you truly surrender, you get to love with a passion, sweetness, and fieriness that hook Scorpio, but receiving a stab of disappointment and disloyalty from that type when you had already been removed all the armor, it is the worst thing they can do to you because there you implant them bigger, stronger and more impenetrable and you know it Scorpio, you know it because deep down you are a very passionate person with a huge heart, with a lot of desire to love and with many internal fears that you do not want to be the scoop of the week.