Why Everyone Respect Scorpio Sign?

    Even the most independent and far from civilization respect you, Scorpio, and you know it. Do you impose on your character? Do they respect you because they are afraid of you? Yes and no. In part, it may be true, and in part, it may not. There is a minority that is somewhat afraid of you, but it is obvious that not everyone is afraid of Scorpios. There are still a couple of brave people out there who still dare to stand up to you (OMG). You have not earned your respect for your fame, and people respect you because they know you are truth, education, transparency, and coherence. It is obvious that you have your part of the madness, you have your romantic part and your more adventurous part, but you are not a person who walks in the clouds, and you are not that someone who goes through life without knowing very well what to do.

    You are a Scorpio, and a Scorpio is never carried away, influenced, silenced, or belittled by anything or anyone.

    That is why they respect you, Scorpio; contradicting yourself in your truth is something like hitting a concrete wall headfirst. You are from that select group that thinks before speaking, that actually listens and sees much more than it speaks, and that whatever happens, it is always one step ahead of others. That's where you, Scorpio, come in; that group could be yours. You enjoy being who you are, and you know what? There is nothing better than being comfortable with yourself.