Why Is Scorpio Unsuperable

    Dreaming is free, right? That's how it is. And thank goodness, because the people who think they can surpass you, Scorpio, are people who dream a lot, and if they had to pay for all the times they have dreamed that they could beat you and surpass you, they would be ruined right now. You are one of those love that hurts from loving so much, Scorpio, and it is very difficult to overcome this point because you leave a mark on life. Do not be surprised if they tell you that they admire you because it is the least they do when they see you in the pure Scorpio state. When that courage enters you, and you say, "I can handle everything that comes my way and more," you overcome yourself, when you bring to light that natural intelligence of yours that characterizes you so much, but when you finally relax and begin to enjoy all the success that you have been harvesting behind your back, you show a much calmer, more sensitive scorpion and that is already the icing on the cake, because apart from admiring you, Scorpios fall in love, that hidden treasure that some call heart is what makes you the most insuperable.

    You are a very, very fighter Scorpio person, capable of making the most difficult dream come true, very, very capable of lowering the sky and the stars if necessary; if with that you could help someone who really needs it, you would ...

    There is nothing or no one that can surpass you, Scorpio, because that someone and that something does not exist. Point. With you, the heroes who fight from the shadows without the need to show off or be noticed come to life, Scorpio, because thanks to you, the meaning of the word FIGHT has its truth. Thank you, Scorpio. You are a unsurpassedly wonderful person.