Why Scorpio Can't Let Go?

    The intensity that Scorpio presents is not possessed by any other sign, especially that which is reflected when Scorpio clings to death. You can tell by how he behaves, by how he takes care of him, and by the way, he has pampered and treated him. For Scorpios, it is a very hard time when they have to say goodbye to something they like or when they have to say goodbye to someone they enjoy very much. Scorpio is a person who feels strong, who commits himself to death, and who gives everything, and having to break that at a stroke costs him; even if he can do it, it hurts because the scorpion has much more human warmth in its heart than the sun inside, so clear. Scorpio does not let go because it is very faithful to what it feels and what it believes and because it has to do with its own eyes what it is that makes it wrong, it is not worth it for Scorpio to be told that this is wrong, or that person is not to be trusted, Scorpio has to see it in the first person if not, nothing ... What Scorpio doesn't know is that by doing that, he does a lot more damage than he already has when he thinks of goodbye. Doing that, lengthening the inevitable, let time pass, and your feelings get stronger and stronger, and what happens next? Well, what no one imagines is that Scorpio suffers in silence and ends up swallowing everything inside so that no one knows that it hurts so that no one knows it is a point of humanity and weakness so unknown that it keeps safe.