Why Scorpio Feels He Cannot Continue

    "It's never bad for you because you're a Scorpio" What are you complaining about? If you are a Scorpio, nothing can resist you" "You cannot need help because Scorpios do not want or need it." These are some of the many phrases that you have heard from you, Scorpio, phrases that make your reputation as a self-sufficient person grow ... Phrases that stain who you are and know it, Scorpio.

    Do you know why there are times when you feel like you can't continue in any way? Because you want to be in control of EVERYTHING.

    You want nobody in your environment to have to stain their hands, Scorpio; you want everyone to be safe and that nobody gets hurt on the way you want to carry many things at once, and that is not possible. NO, it is not possible because you cannot. If it is not possible, it is because there is no human being who can with such a load on their shoulders, period. Look, Scorpio, focus on a single goal, and when that goal is done to your liking, continue with the next one and so on, over and over again, but do not take it as a career and do not take more responsibilities than the account, because it will take its toll on you. Even if you do a thousand things at the same time, you know that you will end up taking them out, but at what price, Scorpio? Ask for fucking help, and it's okay to do it from time to time and impose a priority list on yourself. Go slowly, one by one, and leave plenty of room for personal enjoyment. Work is Scorpio work, but your life and happiness must be much more important now. Relax, let others participate, do not take control 100%, and let yourself go. It's not worth running in a hurry when you can walk and enjoy the scenery, right? DO IT.