Why Scorpio Has Feeled Off That You Should Know

    It's not been an easy time for you, Scorpio. You are not having the best days of your life, and you feel much duller than ever. You have a lot of mixed emotions, and you don't know how to manage them. Sometimes you cry, sometimes you get angry, and sometimes you laugh for no reason. So many emotions leave you unable to have control of your life. And in addition to being off, you are being very negative, and that will not do you any good at this time. You think too much and go back to things that are not even worth it. Even your mind is asking you for a break, and you are not giving it.

    You're about to throw it all away and give up. You are about to drop everything and let the others be the ones to take the course of your life. But, Scorpio, you cannot afford all this and less now ...

    Believe it or not, one of the reasons you feel that way is because of the moon and the retrograde of Venus. The retrograde of Venus has made you feel out of place as if you can't find the reason to keep fighting, more negative and much more of. But the full moon on October 9 has made you recharge all those energies and feel stronger. Suddenly you realize that you can get out of this and whatever they throw at you. The moon's energy has made you see that you are much stronger than you thought and that, although life puts you in front of many difficult situations, you are going to get out of them in the best possible way. That courage and that bravery are going to be what makes you come out no matter how deep you are.