Why Scorpio Has Too Soft Heart

    Nobody, absolutely nobody, has the slightest idea of how much it has cost you to make yourself respect Scorpio, how much you have had to fight to protect your heart, and everything you have done for others. Your fame haunts you even in the soup you eat; yes, it is a shouting reality. Nobody knows how many times you have put aside your obligations to go running in search of solutions for others ... You put a lot of your part for and for the rest of Scorpio, and that is not seen by most of the people around you, and that is what hurts you.

    Your heart is not dark, and it is not black; it has no evil, and no, it was not created by satan. People have a very wrong concept of you. It is one thing to have a lot of character and to be someone with arms to take up and, however different, it is to be someone really bad.

    You are not a bad Scorpio, and your heart even less so. That you know how to defend yourself, that you know the exact place to attack and what to say to cause effect, does not mean that you are a bad person or that you do not have a heart. Those are life's tactics to defend yourself, people envy and criticize them, nothing more, but you know very well how much your interior is worth and the human warmth that you keep in your heart. This one softens in the face of the needs of others, injustices, conflicts, and wars. Your heart is shattered when you see hunger when you see the evil of the world, the cruelty that it has with the neediest; there, it does show itself. Scorpio, I wish the world could see a bit of your truth, a bit of lux, a single look inside yourself because many things would change ...