Why Scorpio Is Considered as the Most Authentic Sign

    They fear you, have respect for you and look at you with half-closed eyes when you communicate that your sign is SCORPIO. You know, it has happened to you more than once. Your fame is quite dangerous, and they say that you are someone with whom you have to be very careful because people who do not know you much have that concept of you; they do not know that fame exists but that, in reality, it is not so bad and so dangerous as they paint it. A bully character, but a heart of gold, that's how you are; you know that your character is one of the weapons to take, but you know that deep down you are even a very soft person with some situations, but only you know it. Do not fight battles that do not belong to you (unless the person who has a problem is a friend, lover, or family, yours, then if you would fight by his side or in his relationship if necessary) you know very well what your Scorpio battles are, your mind is very clever. The mountain is gigantic, your desire to climb it and to reach the top will always be more so. Always.

    You are not afraid to show yourself as you are Scorpio; you are not afraid to give everything you have to the people you love the most (even if that means that you have to be left with nothing). You are admired for that supernatural force that you always carry with you.

    What they will say matters to you the same as you care about people who do not go with you, NOTHING; you do not care what people can say about your life, and the opinion of people who have no idea of what you are does not affect you at all actually Scorpio. Your character gives a lot of respect, but people who know you can say with their mouths wide open that they have a treasure in their hands because the accumulation of emotions and the sensitivity that is under that layer of extreme strength is the prize of the lottery. That is what matters; that is what makes you different from other Scorpios, that is what makes you truly impressive, that on the outside, you are made of iron, but on the inside, you are made of cotton. Face it, you are the sign everyone is afraid of, but you are the most authentic sign of all.