Why You Should Go Out With a Scorpio?

    Everyone knows it, and if you don't know it, surely you've heard it at some point: Scorpio is one of those signs that marks, leaves a mark, that traps, and that, sometimes, unfortunately for some, is almost impossible to forget. He comes into your life and stays in it, even when he's gone, even when he's left you for a long time ... Be that as it may, here are the ten reasons why dating Scorpio will be your best decision: The intensity of Scorpio is unmatched. For the scorpion, things are either black or white, and there is no middle ground. Therefore, when Scorpio falls in love with someone, they truly fall in love. Scorpio is used to being very independent and not depending on anyone to prosper. But when you fall in love with someone, you are able to hold on to him/her with all your might, becoming a loyal, courageous, and very honest life partner. No.1 Scorpio is never afraid of anything; if he is afraid of something, he does not show it. Scorpio does not know the meaning of the word fear; in fact, that word is not even in his vocabulary. Scorpio is not afraid of failure, losing, or making mistakes. He is so used to facing difficult situations that he has become brave from experience. Scorpio can get out of any situation thanks to overcoming; in fact, thanks to that, now he can enjoy any adversity. No.2 When there is any problem in your relationship, Scorpio will enjoy it a lot because he knows that this will make your relationship much stronger and much closer. Scorpios are not one of those people who run away when they see the first sign of danger. In addition, if Scorpio sees that you are in danger or that you are having problems, he will not hesitate to jump into the void himself and do everything he can so that you stop suffering. No.3 Scorpios don't settle for less than they deserve. Scorpios do not enjoy short-term relationships that do not have a future because they deserve something lasting that marks a before and after. He is a super protective person of his own heart and does not want anyone to steal what he has been trying to protect for so long. Scorpios are not afraid to get rid of what they know they don't deserve. So, if Scorpio wants to be with you, you must consider yourself truly lucky because it is not easy that you have come this far. If you reach the heart of Scorpio, it is because he believes that you are a person worthy of his trust and with whom he wants to spend the rest of his time with you. No.4 Scorpio is a very intuitive person and notices things that other people may miss. This makes others see you as a person to turn to when they suspect someone in order to discover what is behind those suspicions. No.5 In relationships, Scorpios are excellent communicators and often know what you think when you haven't even said anything. Scorpio loves that you are in connection with your emotions, so he loves talking to you and having deep conversations. Scorpio wants you to share with him everything that worries you or does not let you sleep in order to help you solve his worries. No.6 Due to that intuition, he learns many secrets that it is better that they never come to light. For this reason, Scorpio is one of the most honest people you will ever meet. Although it is quite dark, reserved, and secret in nature, it takes a while to open, but once it opens, it is for you to discover that honesty will always be the main pillar of your relationship. No.7 For Scorpio, falling in love is not an easy thing, but once it does, you will have his love for life. He will never want to leave you, and his heart will always be open to you. You will realize that Scorpio is a very mysterious and closed person is just a myth because, with you, he will be an open, honest person who would never do anything to jeopardize your relationship. Scorpio promises are the most valuable ones in the Zodiac because they are ALWAYS kept, so if a Scorpio promises to be by your side, he really means it because he will always be with you. No.8 Passion and sensuality will always be something important in your relationship. Scorpio is extremely passionate and needs someone who is also passionate because otherwise, that leads nowhere. Do not fear that passion because I assure you that it will only bring good things to your life. At first, it can be a bit scary, but once you get used to it, you want more. This passion is not only in love but also in everything he does. He puts a lot of effort into his work, in his projects, in his future, and he worries a lot that all the things he does, he does them well. No.9 He is very protective of the people he loves and, therefore, can sometimes be a bit jealous. The last thing Scorpio wants in his life is to lose someone he loves, so if he sees that his relationship is in jeopardy, he will pull out his claws and teeth and fight to defend what is his. He may be a little too possessive at times, but he would never allow himself to lose something as valuable as you. A person with whom you have made so much emotional connection and someone you trust so much.