Garlic Spell to Regain Your Love

    The garlic spell is used to make someone special come back to us, recover that person, or open the way to meet a new person and find new love.

    If you want to get the love of your life back, but you don't want to go after him, the garlic spell can help you get that person back. This spell is very simple to do, and its secret is common to all other spells: you must have faith and believe that it will work. Of course, in a relationship, the will of both parties counts, so you also have to do your part. The garlic spell is believed to have the power to bring special someone back to us, bring that person back, or open the way to meet a new person and find new love.

    When to Do the Garlic Spell?

    The spell with garlic can be used for various purposes. However, for those who believe in the power of these little rituals is a ceremony that is used to call someone back into our life or to conquer our loved ones. This spell is used to get the other person to take the first step towards reconciliation. Even when someone suffers for love, they may, for various reasons, have no way of going after it. The garlic spell makes the other person return. However, as in all situations and relationships that we develop throughout life, it is essential to maintain self-esteem and not let others abuse our feelings and emotions. So think carefully if you want that person to come back and if they want to come back. Nobody wants to stay in a relationship, thanks. If your relationship doesn't have enough structure to sustain itself and evolve into something more special, it may have come to an end. In this case, it may be better to move on, heal your wounds, and find someone else who values you and makes you happy.

    How to make this spell?

    The spell with garlic is very simple to perform. However, and as in all occult practices, you must have conviction and certainty of what you ask and desire. The magic works with the energy of the universe but also with personal energy, so it will only work if you believe in your power. Do not forget to prepare to do your ritual. Keep in mind that to get the result you want, you need to believe and have faith in the power of the spell to help materialize your desire and will and that all acts of magic must be performed responsibly. To perform the garlic spell, you only need :
    • A garlic clove
    • A new, white sheet of paper (no lines or squares)
    • A pencil
    How to do your magic ritual :
    1. On the sheet of paper, write the name of the person you want to return. Wrap the garlic clove in the paper and place it under a piece of furniture in your house.
    2. When you hear the garlic clove is crushed, repeat three times: "As this piece of furniture weighs, so weighs the thought of (person's name) to find me."
    If you think there is still hope for the relationship, marriage, or friendship, the garlic spell can help call the person to you. However, do not stop moving forward if the results do not appear. Sometimes you have to accept that there are people who are not meant to be a part of your life, no matter how painful it may be at the time. However, with time, all wounds heal, and we create the conditions to seek happiness elsewhere.