Healing Magic and Conjuring - Origins and Practices

    Conjuring magic is based on the principle that all things are related in the universe and that the part influences the whole. Connected to the healing process, they communicate with the properties of the natural world and its most basic elements.

    In the early Middle Ages in Europe, the healing process - physical, psychological, and spiritual - was based on what we now call " spell magic ." At that time, the vision that humanity had of the world was different from the scientific vision that we have today. Many explanations and cures were based on the connection with the natural world and on the few chosen by the divinities who had the power and the ability to connect to it.

    Magic as Natural Art

    All magical practices, rituals, spells, or spells, obtain their foundations from the natural world, from the power of what is felt but not seen, from the force of faith and the will to change situations and events. In the beginning, the magic practitioners were the "wise men," the most respected person in the community. This figure was understood as the guardian of cultural traditions, the oracle, the prophet, and the healer. All of society gravitated around his wisdom, from the top of the hierarchy to the humblest servant. Many important decisions were made based on the shamans' words spoken in trance and on the oracle's divinatory power. The natural arts consist of prayers and rituals to trap evil and negative energies on a plane away from humans. Being a sorceress - or a wizard - was described as the work of a gift conferred by God. The healing was based on the magic of a spell or the notion that like attracts like. The red cloth was used to lower fever, red flowers for blood disorders, and yellow objects to cure jaundice. Numbers were thought to be very powerful, especially three and seven. The Moon and the Sun were believed to guide the course of the disease and mark the seasons of harvest and sowing. Medicinal herbs were collected on specific days, according to the phases of the Moon.

    Spell Magic and the Power of Healing

    The magic of the spell works on the principle that all things are related in the universe, which influences part in the whole. Together with the power of conviction, the strength to believe that the wish has already come true, and with the help of the energy of the cosmos, it is possible to heal, achieve happiness, fulfill wishes and find the path that will make the mission of life fulfilled. Starting from this assumption - that all things are related and that the part influences the whole - things could be associated both by colors and by physical properties. In the Modern Age, it was thought, for example, that certain metals, such as silver and mercury, had a special affinity with the Moon due to its coloration, brightness, mutability, and other characteristics. Magic and the healing spell had an intense and deeply rooted social and psychological importance in societies, which is often ignored in today's world, which values, above all, scientific knowledge rather than the sensible and natural.

    The Search for Answers, the Self and the Magic of the Conjuring

    The search for answers has always fascinated us, and that is why, since the beginning of time, we have looked to the sky and natural events to find them. The astrological system was developed in several more advanced civilizations, but the search for the cure for the ailments that afflict all people in all cultures was - and continues to be - a concern for all humanity. We all seek a cure for the disease, and we all seek to maintain a balance between the physical world (which we recognize through our senses) and the spiritual world, the domain of the gods, and the occult. We all bow to our finitude, the uncertainty of what happens in the world beyond death. But, on the other hand, we all want something or something. All people seek to have a life that satisfies them, regardless of what they value most for themselves. To obtain more and more power, to gain the recognition of others, to have economic security, to conquer tranquility, and to build a family, among many other things. And, over time, we have discovered ways to do it. The magic of the spell is, in its origin, a process of healing, and, as such, it can be understood and practiced to attract whoever you want, money, health, or protection. On the other hand, the importance of the psychological part in the healing process was recognized in ancient times. Nowadays, spells are also considered a process that allows us to stop to think, meditate, to take time to abstract from the distractions and routines that are imposed on us in our daily lives and help us to channel the vital energy towards the Being, which is, after all, the center of the reality of each one of us. For astrology, for example, the birth chart places the person in the center. The universe surrounds you, but in essence, what it intends is to reveal the location of the stars in the cosmos at the exact moment of the date and time of our birth to, from there, trace the guide of our astral personality. The Self remains in the center. Therefore, it is a process of Self - discovery and self-knowledge.