Law of Attraction - The Power of Your Thoughts

    According to the Law of Attraction, everything that happens in our life, whether positive or negative, is determined by the principle that "we attract everything that happens to us."

    For the theorists of the Law of Attraction, it is part of a broader system of Creation, being a process that integrates the life experience of all people, even those who are not aware of its existence. Everything that happens in our life, whether positive or negative, is determined by a set of forces that can be summed up in the principle that " we attract everything that happens to us ." At all times, the mind moves the energies, materializing them in a certain direction and producing real effects.

    The Law of Attraction, Feelings, and Desires

    Throughout our lives, we desire several things and formulate multiple goals. Some we can get, others we can't. However, even if we come to the conclusion that our wish is too ambitious to be fulfilled and that we do not have the means to achieve it, our original wish does not vanish. The operation of the Law of Attraction responds not only to what is desired but, above all, to the feeling that feeds that objective. What we want can also be to push away something that we fear or that hurts us, in addition to the various choices that we make unconsciouslyჴ€”sometimes, knowing what to choose is not an easy task. Uncertainty, fear of change, and personal insecurities make us think, consciously or unconsciously, in different scenarios at the same time. The Law of Attraction states that thoughts - conscious or not - dictate the reality of people's lives, even when they are not aware of it. So when you want something and believe it is possible, your wish will come true. However, the opposite is also manifested. That is, if we put too much attention and emotional energy into something we do not want, we will also receive it. For example, if someone wants to buy something, they can start to think about its implications of it. What costs could it entail, what would they have to give up to achieve it, and what the risks it entails? If the person feels that he is "taking a step longer than his leg allows," if he does not believe in the possibility of accomplishment, he is making a different choice than he initially wanted. Consequently, it will be the decision not to buy that materializes, regardless of whether or not the person renounces the original wish. In the Law of Attraction, what matters is the emotion that arose the moment we sent our wish to the Universe. In this example, the feeling of inability to acquire what you wanted. The person may feel frustrated and not believe that he will be able to buy what he wants, and for this, the forces of the Universe will work.

    Change your way of thinking.

    For advocates of the Law of Attraction, this manifests itself in all aspects of life. From the smallest and most fleeting wishes to the greatest achievement goals. Everything that involves a great emotional charge generates energy. However, this law doesn't work just because you want something bad. You have to be aware of what you think. If we focus on what we do not have, on the difficulties, and not on what we want and what we believe we have the potential to achieve, the power of the Law of Attraction is not activated. The forces of the Universe only respond affirmatively to what is asked of them. The cosmic energies are attentive to what we feel, and if what we feel is frustration, we still receive more frustration. If one wishes to receive more love, the Universe recognizes a feeling of need and will return more need since thoughts have an energy that attracts similar energies.

    Use the Law of Attraction to Get What You Want

    When you want to use the Law of Attraction, remember that all wishes must be formulated with an "I" at the beginning. What follows triggers the forces that will materialize. Be fully aware of what you want and ask for if you focus on positive or negative emotions because that is what you will attract back. Thoughts have an energy that attracts similar energies. Thinking about what we do not have manifests itself in not having. Even when it seems that everything around you is falling apart, staying positive and believing that the negative phase is passing, being able to focus on the good side of life is essential to direct the energies of thought in the right direction. This means that it is not enough to think positively when making a wish; Being optimistic must be a constant attitude towards life. To control the Law of Attraction, you must observe four principles :
    • Know very well what you want.
    • Think about what you want with conviction.
    • Feel and behave as if what you want is already on the way.
    • Be open to receiving it.
    In order for the Law of Attraction to work in our favor, we have to reprogram our minds and change our way of thinking. Thinking about what we do not have manifests itself in not having. On the other hand, having an optimistic attitude towards life and valuing what we have already achieved can be the basis for achieving great achievements, some of which we believe was impossible.