Mooring for Eternal Love and Strengthening the Relationship

    The Mooring for Eternal Love is a ritual to strengthen the love and spiritual bond between the couple, providing more harmony and understanding.

    We want that relationship to last a lifetime when we are truly in love. The Mooring for Eternal Love is a spell that helps to reinforce the loving and spiritual bond between the couple, providing more harmony and understanding. love tie is a form of magic that attracts people to each other. The most used rituals are mainly to give a new opportunity to a lost relationship, to attract a person who has left us, or to meet a person we like. But they can also be used to reinforce the bonds of tenderness and love that bind a couple. The love spells also serve to end the discussions, bring a new harmony to the relationship, ward off the influence of third parties, or strengthen the emotional bond that connects you to someone.

    Mooring for Eternal Love

    Love rituals are also used to strengthen ties of love or friendship. When a relationship is honest and sincere, we can do more to prolong the passion. This is the case of the Mooring for Eternal Love. To do this ritual, you will need :
    • Two red candles
    • Five drops of rose essential oil
    • One piece of red string/ribbon
    • One pinch of dried lavender
    • One pinch of ground cinnamon
    • One pinch of coriander seeds
    • One candelabrum for the two candles
    How to proceed?
    • Carve your name vertically from bottom to top on one of the candles. Do the same with the name of your loved one on the other candle.
    • Cover the candles very well with rose essential oil.
    • Tie the two candles with the string/ribbon and tie three knots. Both of you should tie a knot each and then tie the third knot together. As you tie the knots, say out loud how committed you are to your relationship.
    • Place the candles in the candleholder, and sprinkle the lavender, cinnamon, and coriander seeds around the candles, forming a circle.
    • Each person should light a candle and repeat it for the next three nights.
    Now that you know how to Tie for Eternal Love, celebrate the connection and love you share with your partner. You can repeat this ritual whenever you want to renew your vows of love.

    Enhancing the Relationship with the Blessing of the Engagement with Crystals

    You can also cast a spell to bless your relationship. This ritual will remind you of how happy and in love you are. Before doing it, you must take your crystals under the Full Moon on a rose and lavender petals bed. After the ritual, keep the crystals in your room or keep them with you (your partner should do the same) to remember the magic that unites you. The best time to perform this ritual: Full Moon and Sunrise You will need :
    • One pinch of dried rosemary
    • One pinch of dried lavender
    • Five whole cloves
    • Five drops of rose essential oil
    • Mortar
    • One hot charcoal disc
    • One heat resistant plate
    • One crystal of your choice (clear quartz is a good option, but you can choose another that you feel a special affinity with)
    How to do it?
    • Mix the rosemary, lavender, cloves, and rose essential oil in the mortar.
    • Light the charcoal disk on a heat-resistant plate and add the herb mixture with the rose oil.
    • Each one should hold their crystal over the smoke and tell each other the feelings that they appreciate and that unite them.
    • Swap the crystals.
    Perform this ritual whenever you want to renew the bonds of love that bind them. Do not wait for a crisis to occur to act. Love rituals are a good help to reinforce commitment and exchange vows of eternal love. Take advantage of these moments to show your dedication and feel loved.