Spell of the Left Foot - Spell to Tie Love

    Do you want to "tie up" the person you love, and have you tried everything? Perhaps there is still hope in casting the left foot spell, one of the most popular spells in Brazil.

    Spells are simple and very common rituals, especially in Brazilian popular culture. They are a kind of folk magic that transforms many desires and aspirations into reality thanks to the power of individual intention and the energy of the cosmos. The Spell of the Left Foot is one of the most popular, especially when the person has tried everything and still cannot conquer the love that his heart beats for. The left foot spell is considered one of the most powerful love spells, and, like all rituals, it should be performed only when the person is well aware of what its outcome may be. As with any other amulet or ritual, it is believed that the power of will and the belief that it is possible to make dreams come true, especially when the subject is love, a feeling that generates an energetic force so strong that almost never, the wish remains unfulfilled. However, I warn you: it is not enough to cast spells to win the person you love. You have to fight for this love.

    How to Do the Left Foot Spell

    What are you going to need?
    • One blue pen
    • 1 photo of your loved one
    How to do it?
    • Write your loved one's name three times on the sole of the left foot.
    • Step on the image of your loved one with your left foot and count "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 "and then say these words:" I tie you under my left foot. I give you 24 hours to come and see me. If you do not, you will have no desire to be with another person, to eat or to sleep. (Say the name ), you will make me the happiest person in the world. So be it, so be it. "
    • When you finish the spell, keep the photo of your loved one close to you. In a pocket, on the back of the mobile phone protector, or in your wallet.
    You can also try the simpler version of the Left Foot Spell : Write the name of your loved one on the sole of your left foot, pressing it three times against the ground while saying the magic words, asking that your loved one come "for you" within the next 24 hours.

    Spells and Magic Rituals

    The rituals and amulets are ancient practices rooted in the popular customs and traditions of various civilizations, especially the Brazilian people. Amulets are simple rituals and small offerings that are made to the cosmos to open paths and release energy to move them, helping to fulfill our wishes. For this, spiritual entities are invoked that will influence the life not only of the person who performs the spell but also of the other to whom it is intentionally addressed. Therefore, these practices must always be carried out with responsibility and with the notion that the result may be reversed and end up affecting the person who performs or executes the ritual. The practice of spirituality can take many forms and practices. Surrounded by magic and beliefsamuletscharms, and spells connect us with the most basic emotions and the natural world. Rituals and amulets are simple ceremonies that, for those who believe and have faith in their healing power, can help materialize wishes and wishes. Magic spells and rituals are also used for spiritual cleansing and purification, to nurture relationships, attract prosperity, generate good luck, and improve and protect one's health or that of loved ones. The Left Foot Spell promises unerring results in record time. If you have tried everything to get your love's attention and there is no way to be reciprocated, it is always worth a try. Good luck!