Spell to Forget a Love and End the Sadness

Do you want to forget a person you love or loved? The relationship is over, but you still have feelings that leave you clinging to a past with no future? Try the Spell to Forget Love and conquer your happiness.

Spells are simple, easy-to-form rituals that can be used to overcome grief or loss for those who believe and have faith in their healing power. This is the case of the Spell to Forget a Love, used to erase negative memories left by a bitter and destructive relationship and calm emotions. Freed from the negative energies that invaded our lives, we have the strength and courage to move on and seek happiness elsewhere, with another person.

On the other hand, certain spells also help to improve self-esteem and invite meditation. A calm mind focused on the present allows us to be grateful for what we have achieved and to value more what we have instead of focusing on what we have lost. In essence, it is about healing heart wounds and emotional injuries so that you can embark on a new adventure with an eye to the future and without being influenced by heartbreaks and negative experiences of the past.

Does the Spell to Forget a Love work?

The basic ingredient of all rituals is faith; Without it, it is impossible to perform any magical act since it is the element that transmits the necessary mental and spiritual energies. In the Spell to Forget a Love, the invocations must be performed with the conviction that there is no possibility of return. The relationship is over, and there is no going back.

Before You Begin, Prepare For Your Rituals

To perform your spells, you can prepare a small altar in your house where you are in peace and quiet. You can also take a purifying bath. Fill the bathtub with hot water (Water element), and add flowers and salt (which represents the Earth element). Please light a candle (which represents the Fire element) and soak it for 15 minutes. When you get out of the bathroom, let your skin dry naturally (Air element).

Spell to Forget a Love

When you do your spells to overcome someone, always do it thinking about the well-being that you want to attract to yourself. Get rid of any negative feelings of anger or revenge. You want it only to be good for everyone. Only then will it work.

The most suitable day to do this ritual is Saturday, the day of Saturn.

You will need :

  • One red candle
  • Water
  • Paper
  • One plastic box
  • One metal container
  • One wooden clothespin
  • Matches or lighter

How to do it?

  • Fill the plastic box and put it in the freezer.
  • Once frozen, place the ice block in the metal container.
  • Melt the center of the ice block with the help of the matches or the lighter until a hole is formed where you can fit the base of the candle. Light the candle.
  • Write on a piece of paper the name of the person you want to forget and the reasons why you want it to happen.
  • Hold this paper with the tweezers and burn it in the flame of the candle, reciting, “ May the ice cool my feelings, and the fire purify my heart.” I don’t hold any grudge against you. This Love will be a good memory. “Let the candle burn out completely.
  • When the water has evaporated, bury the remains of the candle.
  • Give thanks for the gift that you are going to receive.

Ritual to Control Anxiety and Gain Vitality

Now that you’ve cast your Forget a Love spell let’s take care of you. A breakup or the end of a relationship can be extremely exhausting. If you need to regain your energy and vitality, try this ritual that you can do whenever you feel anxious or exhausted.

You will need :

  • Green clay
  • One plant with purple, magenta, lavender, pink, or lilac flowers
  • One vase
  • 15 vanilla scented candles

How to do it?

  • Place the clay in the bottom of a pot and add the soil from a flowering plant with the colors mentioned above.
  • In a quiet place outside, form a circle, interspersing a petal with a candle. Light the candles.
  • Stand in the center of the circle and put some clay on your forehead, neck, wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles. Stay inside the circle until the clay dries. Breathe in and out slowly. Feel every movement and let your mind relax.
  • When you feel the clay dry, blow out the candles one by one and exit the circle. Wash under running water.
  • Meditate on the meaning of this ritual. When washing the clay, the water takes away fear and anxiety. Your mind is free, calm, and aware of the present moment.
  • Give thanks for the gift that you are going to receive.