Synchronicity, Spirituality and Life Lessons

    The concept of synchronicity recommends that everything be connected by an energy network and that nothing happens by chance. Objective? Grow spiritually and learn from the lessons that life gives us.

    To take the full potential of esoteric knowledge, such as Numerology, it is necessary to understand the concept of synchronicity, coined by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. Spiritual synchronicity tells us that everything that happens to us has a specific purpose and carries a message that we must be prepared to decode and understand. In this way, we finish stages, we enrich ourselves spiritually, and we move on with our lives.

    Synchronicity or Coincidence?

    Sometimes we can feel that there is something more than a simple coincidence in some events in our life. Has it ever occurred to you to think of someone and that person calling you right then and there? Or that you arrive at a place without parking and, the moment you approach, someone leaves and leaves you a free space? Or that everything in your life lines up to make a decision in a certain sense? Or thinking or dreaming about someone and, surprisingly, meeting by chance shortly after? We tend to see these types of events as coincidence, luck, magic, that is, as something random, without any cause and effect relationship. However, these events are not coincidences, and this is called synchronicity.

    Carl Jung's Synchronicity Concept

    The concept of synchronicity tells us that everything happens for a reason and brings a message that we must try to understand. In the spiritual dimension, everything is interrelated. There is peace and harmony, and everything is aligned in the same direction. Everything seems to fit perfectly, and there is no confusion or misunderstanding. Past, present, and future are coherently interconnected. This synchronicity makes it seem like everything has a precise meaning, making it easy to decide or make a decision. As long as we are in sync with something we really want, it is very likely to happen. According to Carl Jung's theory, the entire Universe is interconnected by some vibration, and synchronicity can be defined as a significant coincidence between physical and psychic events - a form of 'union' between events that is distinguished from the common coincidence for having meaning, for implying or suggesting something. " (1) Carl Jung's concept emerged based on his own personal study that all human beings have a conscious state of mind and an unconscious state of mind. The unconscious is the deepest part of ourselves that cannot speak through language and therefore speak through symbols. Each person is intimately connected to the environment that surrounds them and, at a certain moment, causes an attraction, creating coincident situations with a specific meaning for the person who lives the event, providing a symbolic meaning. Jung referred to something called the collective unconscious, which is Humanity itself, as a universal unconscious mind. The Universe is indivisible, and everything is energetically interconnected. Thus, what works within us, in our psyche, has a close relationship with what happens on the physical plane, outside of us, despite rational thinking that there is a division between the two planes. Our unconscious captures everything that is part of the energetic network of the Universe, and in the moments when consciousness is not attentive, when we sleep, relax or meditate, it brings these data and information to consciousness, showing evidence and signals that allow a clear understanding of what is happening at that moment. On the physical plane, synchronicity symbolizes thought, the resolution hidden in mind, which manifests itself in surprise and chance, thus attracting our attention.

    Using Synchronicity to Our Favor

    Synchronicity works best for people who believe it exists. So if you want to use it to your advantage, you must start by accepting and believing that what seems to you to be a mere accident or coincidence is a spiritual message. By believing in synchronicity, the Universe aligns itself with your thoughts and synchronizes everything around you so that your wishes come true. When you commit to what your inner self wants, you become someone who is highly committed to yourself, stronger and more confident. This internal synchronization allows "to make things a reality." Without much effort, your wishes are fulfilled. Everything we are and do is reflected and returned to us as if we were a mirror. This is true for both positive and negative thoughts. When we are out of luck, it seems that everything bad happens to us. Deep down, understanding the concept of synchronicity is being in harmony with everything that surrounds us and living the present with awareness. "Synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see." Carl Jung

    The 4 Laws of Spirituality

    To believe in synchronicity, we need to educate our minds and discipline our senses. By doing so, we can better face the events that occur in our lives and face adversity with the necessary serenity. These are the 4 Laws of Spirituality taught in India that can help you get started.
    1. The Person Who Arrives is the Right Person
    No one comes into our lives by chance. All the people around us with whom we interact are present to enrich us as people, contribute something relevant to our lives, or allow us to develop our spirituality and move forward.
    1. What Happens is the Only Thing That Could Have Happened
    Nothing that happens in our life could have happened otherwise. Even the smallest detail. There is no "if I had done such a thing" or "it happened because of the other." What happens is the only thing that could have happened, and it aimed to teach us a lesson that will help us move forward. Each and every situation that occurs in our lives is perfect.
    1. Anytime You Start is the Right Time
    Everything starts at the right time, not before or after. When we are ready to start something new in our lives, a change will occur, and that is the right time for what has to happen.
    1. When Something Ends, Close a Cycle
    When something ends in our lives, it is a sign that we are ready to move on. We must learn from experience, draw our conclusions and move on to a new stage. It is no coincidence that you are reading this text right now. If it appeared in your life today, it is because you are prepared to understand that everything happens for a reason, at the right time and in the right place, and that nothing could have happened otherwise.