Tree of Life - Symbols and Meaning

The Tree of Life has been a sacred symbol revered by various beliefs and cultures throughout the millennia. Today, it became an extremely powerful and popular protection amulet. Since ancient times, primitive peoples felt the need to attribute supernatural capacities to Nature and found there the power of healing and the answers they sought for the mysteries of life.

The meaning of life and death has created many legends and myths in various cultures and peoples, where longevity and immortality have gained mystical and spiritual contours. Eternal life could be achieved through the fruits of the Tree of Life, that sacred and powerful creation that promised life after death. This belief gave hope in eternal life in an idyllic garden, where there was only light, health, joy, and loved ones. It was life in total harmony—man in unison with the Divine.

The Symbiology of the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life can represent the different phases of human life. The roots spread and feed on the nutrients in the soil, where they are supported and strengthened. The branches grow in the direction of the hot and fertile light of the Sun, that star revered by many cultures, which generates and nourishes all forms of life.

But trees are also a symbol of strength and resilience. They are strong but, at the same time, flexible. Its branches wave to the taste of the winds but do not break in the face of any storm. Extreme violence is necessary to bring them down. Firmly buried in the ground, they grow, flourish, and bear fruit that they nourish.

This allegory is reflected in the life of Man. People also create their roots and go through storms. They, too, bear fruit and create their offspring. They sow the land, reap its fruits, and feed and care for each other. Like the Tree of Life, the person manages to cling to hope and faith and continues forward, overcoming all difficulties. The person evolves spiritually at each step and stone away from the path. You become a more conscious, full, and wise being. It evolves and approaches a higher state of life.

The Tree of Life symbolizes the union between the Earth and the Sun. It is believed that it protects the health and brings luck, being a talisman associated with eternal life and longevity.

The Tree of Life in Different Cultures

According to the Christian Bible, the Tree of Life is one of the two trees that God planted in the Garden of Eden. The other would be the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and whose forbidden fruit would cause the temptation and consequent expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise.

According to Christian tradition, the fruits of this Tree promised immortality. However, God forbade Adam and Eve to test them. Not being able to resist the serpent’s temptation, the lovers were eventually expelled from the Garden of Eden and lost the right to eternal life.

Also, the Persian culture believed in the eternal power of this Tree. Already the Chinese tradition refers to seven wonderful Trees. One of them, the Jade Tree, also produced a fruit that would be the source of immortality.

In Europe, the ancestral popular culture of the Nordic peoples is attributed to the roots of the Tree of Life, the power of wisdom and knowledge. This sacred Tree is also mentioned in the Jewish Kabbalah, where, at the center of that tradition, the Ten Sefirot. This system is also known as the Tree of Life and seeks to explain the origins of the Universe.

Use the Tree of Life as Protection in the day-to-day.

Today, the Tree of Life is used as an amulet and a personal adornment. In necklaces, bracelets, and rings, among others, this is a very popular symbol and is considered a protection amulet.

This symbol is credited with giving luck and promoting health. Like other amulets or objects considered spiritually special, this is one that can give you the courage to move on, make a difficult decision, or keep faith in times when you feel most fragile or tested.

But, using the Tree of Life is also a way to connect to the Earth and the natural world. This symbol of eternal life and longevity represents gratitude for all living things and for all the graces we receive each day.