Four of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

    Delays Treatment Rest Illness Withdrawal

    The Four of Swords is a card that signifies a break (or the need for a break) from normal life. It can also mean that you or someone in your life might retire for a while. This recall is probably not permanent. Sometimes it also means illness or staying in a hospital or, less often, prison. This is a clear signal to give people some space.

    Four of Swords - tarot card meaning

    Generally speaking, this letter generally means that you need time and space for yourself. Others may put too much pressure on you, taking much of your time and attention away from you. Feel free to set limits or reject. And vice versa: when others don't talk to you, don't pressure them. Pressing in this situation causes problems.


    If you are currently in a romantic relationship, you may feel like you've been pushed aside a bit. It's important for your partner to know what's going on with you internally, but remember that your feelings are yours, and it's not necessarily your partner's job to try to make you feel great all the time. Maybe you need time. Feel free to give it to yourself. If you are looking for love, now is not the time to push. It would be better to get detailed information on what you are looking for in a relationship. There will come a time when you will meet someone, but it will probably not be now.


    If you are late on a payment and you don't know where to get the money from, you may need to take other steps. Think about how to earn additional income. If you have your own business and owe money, strengthen your fundraising activities. You can wait too long if you expect people to pay you on their own initiative. This financial stagnation will not last forever. If you can, consider giving a small donation to what you believe in with joy in your heart: this often kicks off wellness in life or can at least help you feel good for at least a few hours in terms of resources in your life. Life.

    Here I'm

    Organize and explore your thoughts on loneliness. The characteristics of inner strength and self-respect that lie within you will guide you.


    Take plenty of time to plan for your future. There is no rush to decide what is best for you and the people you care about.

    Tarot Reading YES or NO - Four of Swords

    The Four of Swords indicates some illness or withdrawal. It also brings rest, healing, and order. Other interpretations may be simple: make the necessary break or enter a truce. The pronunciation of this letter is quite slight, generally positive. The answer is probably: YES.