Gypsy Deck - Origin, Meaning and Reading

    The Madame Lenormand deck was adopted by the gypsy people in their divinatory practices, along with the traditional reading of the hands. Know its origins and how to read the letters.

    The Gypsy Deck originated in Europe and is one of the most popular oracles in the world. Adapted and disseminated by the gypsy people, fascinated by the mystical meaning of the world of the Tarot de Marseille, a divination system that answers universal questions such as love or money. There are numerous decks adapted from the original, and, in this article, we will understand the origin and bases of this divinatory system.

    Origin of the Gypsy Deck

    Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand (1772-1843), French seer and fortune teller, created her own deck, which she used in her famous readings. He became an influential figure in Parisian high society, but his deck would only become universal after his death. Taking advantage of the fortune teller's fame, two years after her death, a deck of 54 cards called " Le Grand Jeu de Mlle. Lenormand " and another deck of 36 cards called "Petit Lenormand" were published. Later, the deck of Madame Lenormand was adopted by the gypsy people in their divinatory practices along with the traditional reading of the hands: Palmistry, or the art of reading the hands and predicting the future of a person. According to her own account, the self-described Madame Lenormand had been chosen by God to divine the future of her fellow citizens, helping them in their phases of suffering and pointing out the route to follow in the most confusing moments of their lives. When she arrived in Paris, the young woman quickly used her great intuitive ability, her ingenuity, and her strong personal magnetism to become one of the most famous fortune tellers of all time. According to her, he read the future of all the great figures of the French Revolution, from Marat to Robespierre, and advised numerous figures from high society and politics. He lived in a tumultuous period of history (French Revolution and Napoleonic times), immersed in a climate of fear, changes, superstitions, and black magic practices. His method opened countless doors, wealth, and an aura of mystery that spread rapidly. The occult was in vogue, and Madame Lenormand knew how to use this environment to her advantage. Madame Lenormand created her deck of cards, similar in all to the Tarot. He used the pictures and the numbers on the cards to establish a structure of interpretations that were read as he spread them out on the table.

    The Gypsy Deck as Oracle and Divinatory System

    Over the years, and like other famous Oracles, the Gypsy Deck has become a self-knowledge tool that helps to reflect on the nature of the consultant's personality and to clarify some personal questions. It is used to answer spiritual questions or as a guide when the person is at a crossroads and does not know which way to choose. Like traditional decks, the Gypsy Deck is made up of four cards: Cups, Golds, Swords, and Wands. Specific meanings are assigned to each of them and to each Card. The guessing reading is based on the combination of the cards.

    Meaning of Cards and Cards

    Each Card governs a specific area of life and answers the questions that are asked about that same area. Each Card symbolizes one of the four Elements that represent the forces of the natural world, the same elements that are the basis for defining the astral personality of the 12 Zodiac Signs. The natural characteristics of each element represent different areas and attitudes towards life.
    • Cups - Symbolizes the Water Element and represents feelings, the feminine side, emotions, and love.
    • Pentacles - Symbolizes the Earth Element and represents the "Great Mother," the material world, family, home, and money.
    • Swords - Symbolizes the Air Element and represent the intellect, mind, ideas, thought, and creativity.
    • Wands - Symbolizes the Fire Element and represents achievement, affirmation, imagination, the transforming forces of the Universe, and motivation.

    How to Flip the Deck

    Before doing the reading:
    1. Prepare the place where you will launch.
    2. Choose a clean place where you can be calm and quiet.
    3. Turn off all kinds of equipment that could disturb or interrupt the session.
    Formulate the question in your mind before drawing the cards. Be objective in what you are formulating. Do it with good intention, preparing your heart to receive and send only good and positivity to the Cosmos.

    Reading the Gypsy Deck

    Reading the Gypsy Deck is simple and objective: if there are more cards considered negative, the issue or problem is not on the right track. They predict difficulties. On the contrary, if the predominant Letters are those that are considered positive, it is an indicator that the topic will have a favorable development. In reading, the Letters, whether positive or negative, also give clues about the obstacles that make the situation not resolved or, on the contrary, which aspects are favorable at a given moment and play in favor of the person. The great objective of this Oracle will be to remove the obstacles and use the favorable winds to advance, resolve, and carry out the personal claim. As human beings, we have free will, there are many paths before us, and we can choose any of them at any time. When we do a Tarot reading, we are in tune with the energy of that moment, given the current circumstances. Keep an open mind and embrace the knowledge of the Cards knowing, however, that your current thoughts and feelings can change at any moment and that your true path is defined by you.