Love Tarot - Interpreting the Meaning of the Cards

    The Love Tarot allows you to analyze your current relationships and predict what the future holds for your relationships. Know the message of the Arcana for your sentimental and emotional life.

    The Tarot is a game that, through the meaning of its Cards, helps us better understand the past, the moment we live in the present, and foresee the future. Like other prints, the Love Tarot allows us to perceive how our emotions are and become aware of the aspects that we need to mature and think better about what we want for our sentimental life.

    The Tarot as Oracle

    Throughout the ages, Letters have served to give us indications about what is happening at the present moment in our lives and to predict how our affairs may develop in the future. However, it is important to emphasize that, despite the reading and the indications that may be given through the Letters, our destiny is in our hands. In the Tarot of Love, for example, the Cards we choose can tell us that a new person will emerge in our life, but it is up to us to be attentive to the signs that indicate that this person crossed paths with us at a certain time or place. In the same way, when we want to know if a certain relationship will have a future or not, what we do, as a couple is decisive for the outcome. It is of little use that the Letters are favorable if nothing is done together to make the relationship work. This notion of free will is increasingly important in the reading and interpretation of the Oracles, regardless of the problems or the area of life that most concerns us.

    The Tarot of Love and the Meaning of the Cards

    The meaning and the figures of each of the Tarot Cards are associated with our inner wisdom. That is why it is said that the reading of the Letters is, essentially, intuition. After knowing the archetypes of the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana, we can find new answers that allow us to understand our current situation. As you get to know each of the Cards better, you will intuitively find new meanings that you will be able to adjust to your current circumstances easily. Through the Letters and the answers you get through your reading, you will be able to think and reflect on the present, your priorities, what moves you, and what makes you happy. Or what you would like to have in your life to be happy. This is how the Tarot of Love should be used - to find the answers within yourself.

    The Tarot Reading of Love

    Reading the Love Letter is very important. As social beings that we are, all relationships and, in particular, those of a loving nature can affect the way we face all other areas of our life. The selected Cards can give us clues, depending on the Card, for love and relationships in general:
    • Cups - This Card indicates that you are, or will be, blessed in love.
    • Wands - This Card suggests a strong and solid relationship. The loyalty and trust that they place in each other are fundamental to the atmosphere of love and tenderness that they share.
    • Golds - The relationship may be struggling due to jealousy. This Card also suggests that the two of you have very different lifestyles and that you both have to dedicate yourself to the relationship to function.
    • Swords - In a current relationship, bad temper and discord can prevail. A new partner may offer you more.
    Already in relationships in which there is a commitment, such as marriage or a partnership, the reading can be done from another perspective:
    • Cups - Shows a happy relationship based on empathy and mutual interests. There is understanding, and both are careful with each other's feelings and needs.
    • Wands - Suggests a friendship that turns into love. The relationship may also take on a strong practical or financial aspect.
    • Golds - Suggests that one or both of the couples feel insecure in the relationship. It can be jealousy caused by inattention or different expectations.
    • Swords - Suggests infidelity and mistrust. Separation may be a possibility if communication is not re-established. It takes effort from both of you to clarify things and give the relationship a new chance.

    The Card of Cups in the Tarot

    The traditional Tarot deck is made up of 78 Cards, with two different decks combined into one. They are the 22 Major Arcana (Triumphs or Major Mysteries) and the 56 Minor Arcana grouped into four cards: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. Each Card has its own energies, transmitted by the Primordial Elements they are associated with and the very symbiology of the archetype they represent. The Cup card focuses on emotions and loveromance and relationshipsfriendshipsdomestic life, and socialization.

    The Message of the Major Arcana in the Tarot of Love

    Each Letter brings a message that must be interpreted according to the circumstances of each one's life. Since change is the only constant in an absolute way, our life changes every day. The result of a reading done today may not make sense in a few days. See each message as a way to reflect on your present moment, energy, and what you want for your future. This list follows the order of the Marseille deck. In relation to the Rider Waite, you only have to consider the change of position of two Cards (" Justice " and " The Force "). However, the symbiology of these does not change, the message being valid when using one or another deck.

    Meaning of the Cards

    Letter 0 - The Fool - This Letter can appear after the breakdown of a relationship as a sign of new relationships that will appear in the future or at a time of unconditional surrender. Now is the time to get out of your comfort zone, embrace the changes and move on. Friends and family indicate adventure and fun. Letter I - The Magician - It means that you are in the ideal position to make everything you want to happen in your life. On the emotional level, in professional relationships, friendships or love, you have the maturity necessary to build full, satisfying, and happy relationships. Letter II - The Priestess - Symbolizes the need to communicate clearly and effectively. Be honest with yourself and your partner. Do not be afraid to say what you feel, and follow your intuition. Card III - The Empress - This Card symbolizes conception and fertility. Something new will be born: a new life, a new relationship, a new life project. Letter IV - The Emperor - In love, this Letter alerts you to the need to show respect and admiration for your partner and friends. Beware of power games that can affect your relationships. Letter V - The Pope - This Letter indicates love, devotion, and dedication. Suggest a declaration of love to the partner, and make a commitment or loyalty to a friend or family member. Letter VI - Lovers - You will be able to meet a new partner who will make you feel valued and happy. Everything looks promising in the field of relationships, be they work, friendship or love. Letter VII - The Chariot - Be careful with impulsive or overly emotional reactions, whether yours or your partner or friends. Trust your instincts and use them to improve your relationships. Letter VIII - Justice - This Letter warns that relationships only work when there is a balance between the two. In love or business, parity matters. Do not give in to impulses, and be faithful and objective in what you want for your life and for your relationships. Letter IX - The Hermit - This Letter reveals that, on the sentimental level, you may be feeling isolated and alone, even if you are surrounded by friends and the attention of your partner. It is an opportunity to think about what this discontent is due to. If you are not good with yourself, it will be difficult for you to find harmony with others. Card X - The Wheel of Fortune - This Card indicates changes and news. On the emotional level, it denotes dispersion and hyperactivity. You can be in a phase of change of partner or indecision before several possibilities. Card XI - The Force - You have the necessary self-control to avoid unnecessary confrontations. Your emotional wisdom will allow you to control your impulses, allowing tolerance and understanding to prevail. Letter XII - The Hanged Man - This Letter may indicate that you do not feel good about a certain person or work relationship but that, at this moment, there is not much you can do to alter it. The time has come to give up, gather strength and start over. Card XIII - Death - This Card may suggest that you are living in a toxic relationship (friendship, work, or emotional). You are in the moment to change, to make a transition, to end that destructive relationship that does not bring anything positive into your life. Letter XIV - Temperance - This is the time to bet on your relationships. Be creative. Seek to see the point of view of others and share your life with those around you. Letter XV - The Devil - In love, this Letter has a very negative reading. You may be in an abusive relationship, where you feel unhappy and out of control. You are the owner of your life, and you need to establish your priorities well without being influenced by someone's manipulative attitude. Letter XVI - The Tower - In love, this Letter shows that something has come to an end. If that's the case, let go and move on. The emotional withdrawal can be so great that there is no return. In friendships and family life, it suggests the need to communicate better to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. Letter XVII - The Star - This Letter signals the birth of a new relationship that can do a lot for your happiness. This can both be a new love or friend. Emotional comfort will be great and will bring a lot of stability to all areas of your life. Letter XVIII - The Moon - Confusion and insecurity may be undermining your love or friendship relationship. First, clarify everything that causes you that mistrust. A third party may be creating obstacles in communication with your partner. Letter XIX - The Sun - Your life is full of good energies reflected in your relationships. A new love may appear, a renewal of vows or moments to share very rewarding with family and friends. Card XX - The Judgment - This Card signals a reconciliation: An important person from the past can return to your life. At this time, you have the wisdom and clarity of spirit necessary for understanding, which is extremely positive and healthy for your emotions. Card XXI - The World - In the Tarot of Love, this Card can both reveal that you are in a solid and rewarding relationship at the end of a cycle or that you discovered that you feel complete being alone. Now, you no longer waste time looking at the lives of others, you recognize your strengths and weaknesses, and you know what life offers you.