Page of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

    Aggression Challenge Change Intelligence Surveillance

    The Page of Swords, like all court cards, can sometimes signify a specific person in your life. If that's the case, the Knave represents a person younger than you, probably with dark hair. Page cards also often indicate that a message is coming. In this case, it may not be what you expect to hear.

    Page of Swords - meaning of the tarot card

    In general, swordsmen say that you may be pushing yourself too hard, pushing yourself too hard, or making an impression on others. You may need to learn to decipher the body language of others and think about how well (or not) you accept the constructive criticism you receive from other people. You probably have a lot of mental and physical energy right now. Use it wisely.


    In love, this card indicates a mild conflict. Know when to push and when to back out; arguing and fighting are often not worth fighting, at least as long as your partner treats you with respect. Let her have her space. This is crucial for happiness. If you are not in a relationship, go where the people are and connect with them. Love does not fall from the sky itself.


    With regard to questions about money, this card indicates that you should be careful not to assume that you know more than you do. Swords can indicate a superficial treatment of important matters. Feel free to ask for expert help if there is a possibility that you don't know what you are doing regarding money matters. Do not take financial matters with leniency, and do not assume that you will do it later because you will regret it.


    Unexpected information appears on the road. You must rely on your intelligence and adaptability to take advantage of the upcoming changes.


    There is a deep desire for change that irritates and moves you. Seeking true independence of mind will lead to a clearer perception of your motivations and those of others.

    Tarot Reading YES or NO - Page of Swords

    The Page of Swords is an intelligent, logical, and alert young man who provides official information about the change. Although these changes can be challenging, this card shows the clarity of mind and the passive and exiled inner demons in your life. The most likely answer is: YES.