Ritual to Purify and Protect Tarot Cards

Before starting your readings and using a new deck, you must purify and protect your Tarot Cards. Learn how and why.

The first step to doing a Tarot reading is to have your own deck. Cards must be new, purchased, or gifted but must never be loaned. Before being used, the Cards must be purified and protected since you will work with powerful and unknown energies related to the collective unconscious. Also, if you are doing the reading to someone else, it is equally important not to link your karma to theirs. Learn how to perform the ritual to purify and protect your Tarot Cards. The Tarot is an accumulation of ancient knowledge. It is related to myths and transmits its message through The Symbiology attributed to its illustrations and drawings. There are different versions: the Egyptian Tarot (or Etteilla), the Marseille Tarot, the Rider Tarot, the Lenormand Tarot, the Eliphas Levi Tarot, the Belline Tarot, and the Esoteric Tarot, among others.

Why Purify and Protect Tarot Cards?

Before starting your reading, you must purify and protect your Tarot deck. This step is essential for several reasons: you are subject to dealing with a very powerful and unknown universal energy charge. When you do the Tarot reading to another person, personal energies can interrelate, and, for that reason, you must protect both relatively from that possibility. This ritual also allows you to ask the Higher Self for guidance so that your reading leads only to the good and to illuminate the truth and, in case you do a wrong reading, that it does not produce negative energies or dire consequences.

Ritual of Purification and Protection of the Tarot Deck

Before continuing, choose a day that is not a holiday or is associated with a special energy. Two of the calendar days with this type of energy are June 23 and Holy Thursday. The choice of time is equally important. You should never perform this ritual at night because what you are looking for is light and consciousness, and the night vibrates with another type of energy. To do your ritual, you will need :
  • One white tablecloth
  • One white candle
  • One white cloth bag
Having chosen the day and time, proceed as follows :
  1. Place a white tablecloth on a table and, on top, the Tarot Cards properly arranged.
  2. Light a white candle in front of the deck and pass each Card through the candle flame, front and back.
  3. Once all the Cards have been smoked, do a little meditation or prayer of protection.
  4. Let the candle burn without touching the Cards, trying to avoid strangers entering the room.
  5. When the candle goes out, wrap the Letters in the white cloth bag and store it in a hidden drawer in your room overnight.
After performing the ritual to purify and protect your Tarot Cards, it is convenient to bring them with you for several days to magnetize them with your energy. Afterward, you can store them in the same cloth bag or in a wooden box. Avoid keeping them in a metal or animal skin box. When you do your reading, use a white or green tablecloth. Avoid red or black tablecloths. Use your Cards with respect and only for the purpose for which they are intended. Never give them to someone else to use for themselves. Each one must use only their Tarot Cards. After purifying and protecting your Letters, you can start your readings. However, for that, you must know the meaning and symbolism associated with each of them. Only then will you be able to make a correct interpretation of the message they intend to convey. The study of the human sciences, psychology, and myths can also be very useful in revealing the magical world of the Tarot.