Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings

Distribution Donation In Favor of Prosperity Solvency

The Six of Pentacles is often a sign of change for the better, especially with regard to money. This is one of Monet’s most positive letters.

Talk about fairness, honesty, and the cyclical nature of life.

When it appears in your space, it means that a positive cycle will probably start.

Six of Pentacles - meaning of the tarot card

The Six of Pentacles is often a generosity card, meaning that you either want to benefit or give something of value. Please share what you have because there is always someone who needs it. This generosity doesn’t have to be financial - listening, spiritual support, etc., are often far more important than anything money can buy. May pride not prevent you from accepting what is offered if it is you they want to help.


If you are already in a stable relationship, the Six of Pentacles indicates a happy, generous, equitable, and balanced relationship for at least a time. Allow your partner to give you something, whether it be materially or spiritually, and at the same time, make sure you take a fair share by indulging in this relationship. If you are not in a relationship and are looking for someone, this letter means that you will probably meet someone who is positive, kind, and generous. It could also be someone you already know. Make sure you know what a partner is looking for.


The Golden Six bodes particularly well for questions about financial matters. It does not point to cases like winning a lottery but rather to the tax generosity that you will experience because you worked in a way that makes you deserve it. There will probably be more money on your way. At the same time, this letter shows the need to share money.


Your enthusiasm for life and faith in your talents will be renewed. The joy of being able to help someone in need brightens the picture.


Remember that the goodness of others is out of your control, but you are fully capable of paying favors to others. If you are looking for grace, it will be good to give it to others.

Tarot Reading YES or NO - Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles signifies success, prosperity, and kindness.

Suggest that you help others financially by giving donations and selfless love.

There is a positive attitude and a general sense of luck and happiness gains in the future.

The answer you are looking for is: YES.