Tarot in Marseille figures - King, Queen, Knight and Jack

The figures in the Tarot deck are the King, the Queen, the Knight and the Jack. They are part of the Minor Arcana and correspond to the 4 suits of the Cards: Swords, Wands, Pentacles and Cups. Know the associations of each of these figures in the Tarot.

The Tarot is seen today as a tool for self - discovery and personal knowledge . To play, you need a Tarot deck . There are several, and each person can buy the one with which he best identifies. Regardless of the type of deck you choose, they all consist of 78 Cards, of which 22 refer to the Major Arcana, or Trumps, and 56 to the Minor Arcana . These are divided into 4 suits (Wands, Cups, Swords and Coins), and contain 14 Cards numbered from 1 (Ace) to 10, and four figures : o King, Queen, Knight and Jack. In this article, get to know the esoteric meaning of each of the figures in the deck of the Tarot in Marseille.

The Figures in the Marseille Tarot Deck - Symbolism and Personality

Each of the four suits of the Minor Arcana includes 4 figures: the King, the Queen, the Knight and the Jack. Each card personifies the symbol of the respective suit, that is, they represent personality or character types (archetypes), which give more information about the person’s life journey , starting from an external perspective.

These Cards represent the different facets of the personality that are projected onto others, the people with whom we come across on a day-to-day basis, as well as those close to us or who serve as guides throughout our lives. On the other hand, the hierarchical position of these Cards also allows us to measure what type of energy is manifesting , by the person who is doing the reading or by the important people who are present in their life.

The King

The King symbolizes the archetype of the universal man , the father , the hero . In general, the Kings are dynamic personalities , with power and charisma . This figure is related to institutions and masculine figures or to the masculine side of the personality, and expresses qualities such as maturity , self-assertion , will and the need to act . The King is associated with the Fire Element - a primordial quality also considered to define the personality of the signs of the Zodiac by the Astrology .

In the Tarot, the King can indicate the will or the need to act or make a decision or, on the other hand, it indicates the presence of a person or a force that impels the other to act to achieve the defined objectives.

Symbolism and Meaning of the Figure The King in the Tarot Deck

  • King of Wands

It symbolizes positive energies and favorable adventures. It also represents institutions and figures linked to power, generosity and capacity for action. It is the dynamic, intuitive and strong side of the personality.

On the contrary, this letter does not have a negative meaning. It indicates that it will not be necessary to act or dialogue, since everything will return to its place naturally, without effort.

  • King of Cups

It represents comforting love, emotional protection, and a feeling of energy and joy. Reveals abundance, enthusiasm, positivity. When it appears next to the Sun or The World of the Major Arcana Cards , it predicts success and fame.

Indicates a sensitive and enthusiastic person, or a man who is sentimental and affectionate, but perhaps unrealistic. On the contrary, it represents a warning against deceitful romances. Some issues can get complicated and it will be difficult to get them back on track. He also cautions against trusting people too much.

  • King of Swords

It indicates deep common sense and success in all areas and projects. It refers to a dynamic, intelligent, courageous and daring person. Someone who has the necessary qualities to find the solutions. On the contrary, it has a negative meaning, since it predicts aggressiveness. It can manifest itself in a violent, austere and excessively analytical person.

  • King of Pentacles

It translates into a personality with practical, patient, hard-working and not very intellectual knowledge, but with a lot of willpower. This Charter is linked to material realization, finances and real estate properties. On the contrary, it represents a person with a closed, spiteful and austere mentality. It can also indicate someone excessively concerned about the superficial aspect of things.

The Queen

The Queen is related to institutions, to the strength of the feminine personality and to the feminine side, symbolizing sensitivity , receptivity , the capacity for protection , the maternal instinct and the inner world , be it man or woman. The Queen is linked to the Water Element, which symbolizes the feminine principle.

Symbolism and Meaning of the Figure The Queen in the Tarot Deck of Marseille

  • Queen of Wands

This Charter represents trust and protection. It refers to the importance of trusting the projects, being a good indicator of the state of health. It can also symbolize a personality full of energy and quite generous, with own and fair initiative. On the contrary, it indicates that the affairs and projects are paralyzed. It can represent a personality with a tendency to dominate or to tyranny.

  • Queen of Cups

This Letter puts the feelings and emotions in evidence. It can designate altruism and psychic protection. It suggests the full realization of sentimental affairs and success in various affairs. It also refers to a very loving person. On the contrary, it suggests difficulties in some matters, for some time. It also indicates a person who can be influenced and given to vices.

  • Queen of Swords

It indicates a very intuitive and protective figure when it comes to feelings, with a strong sense of justice but who can become overly critical. On the contrary, it is a negative letter in predicting injustice. It can also refer to a treacherous and manipulative person.

  • Queen of Pentacles

This figure is related to the struggles on the material and economic plane. However, it does not represent action, but it does represent a certain passivity. In this way, there may be plans, but a certain difficulty in putting them into practice or in making them concrete.

It refers to an ambitious, practical, sensitive, understanding and protective personality. In inverted position, it refers to a mediocre person and too attached to the routine, which can prevent him from progressing.

The Knight

O Knight represents the archetype of personalities younger, aggressive or radical and less ceremonious than the figure of the King. It symbolizes the idealistic and fighting side , the person who throws himself into the unknown to defend those he loves and his projects without fear of the greatness of the adversary or of difficulties.

It is the spirit that prevails over matter. The Knight can also represent immature friends, family or lovers, younger men or men who have no responsibilities. Represents the Air Element.

Symbolism and Meaning of the Figure The Knight in the Tarot Deck of Marseille

  • Knight of Wands

It predicts an activity that combines the intellect with the intuition, a union that will give good results. It also reveals a friendship or protective relationship. Indicates that a certain situation will be resolved favorably. It symbolizes the person who believes and defends his ideas and convictions.

It can indicate the presence of someone intuitive and with enormous creative power, but unstable and impractical. On the contrary, it can suggest delay or resistance. It refers to a person who promises a lot but who, having a habit of not keeping them, is unreliable.

  • Knight of Cups

It represents the power of ideas and creativity. Predict a happy relationship between the bride and groom or the couple. Protect health-related matters. This Letter reflects a romantic and passionate but perhaps unrealistic character.

Represents a person sentimentally involved in a relationship and intense passions. On the contrary, it represents problems or delays. It can indicate an unwelcome partner or someone who is unserious in a relationship.

  • Knight of Swords

This is a Letter with a high degree of intellectuality. Helps to see projects quickly and clearly. The galloping knight symbolizes a rapid change, the unforeseen realization of something that nothing would anticipate. It translates into a very intelligent and rational person, with good ideas and mental agility. On the contrary, it represents someone extremely rational, very rhetorical, but with a lack of self and feelings.

  • Knight of Pentacles

This Letter symbolizes responsibility and the value of perseverance and willpower as a means to achieve objectives and carry out projects. It can indicate a firm and disciplined personality who likes to dedicate himself to solving practical issues. The other way around, it can show a discouraged person, lacking the strength to fight. Tendency for dispersion and for the difficulty in specifying.

The Jack

The Jack completes the figures of the Tarot deck. This archetype symbolizes a child who begins to walk, a still immature person. A light, childish and superficial energy. The Knave can also symbolize a message or a messenger, refer to adolescents in puberty, children or an extremely immature adult. It also represents a playful, opportunistic spirit or the need to take advantage of an opportunity. It is related to the Earth Element.

Symbolism and Meaning of the Figure The Knave in the Tarot Deck of Marseille

  • Page of Wands

It indicates the preparation of something to be done. Protect health and projects. Represents a person with a lot of character. On the contrary, it predicts delay and confusion. It symbolizes a situation or a person that cannot be trusted.

  • Jack of Cups

It reveals that the doubts related to a given situation were overcome. Indicates that a matter of a sentimental nature will be resolved favorably. It represents a faithful, romantic and tender person. On the contrary, it predicts a situation of abandonment. It can also refer to a selfish and lazy person.

  • Jack of Swords

It symbolizes an idea that will be realized. change is inevitable and is near. This is a restart. Of a new cycle. If the person manages to immerse himself in this environment of change, he will be able to start new projects. On the contrary, it predicts the suspension of a project or an issue that does not reach completion. It refers to someone who has a destructive logic.

  • Page of Pentacles

It characterizes a stubborn and practical personality. It also suggests a period when everything in life seems upsetting. There is no lack of energy, but there is a lack of enthusiasm. On the contrary, it predicts weak and confusing results. It can also indicate a lazy person and who is carried away by illusions.

Tarot Deck Figures - Minor Arcana Tarot of Marseille

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