Ten of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

    End Catastrophe Mortality New Hope Ruin

    Like many Sword combinations, the Ten of Swords has unpleasant overtones, but this isn't necessarily the end of the world. This is a clear sign that you need to be careful who you trust. Stay alert.

    Ten of Swords - tarot card meaning

    If the Ten of Swords appears in connection with the question of whether you can believe what a person is telling you or whether you can believe that the situation is stable, the answer is a very clear "no." However, it would be best to remember that more is opened each time a door closes. You are heading into a situation that will be best for you. Trust yourself and the universe.


    When it comes to love-related questions, this is not a bad card. Something about the love situation you are in is not right. Ask yourself a lot of questions, accept reality, and don't close your eyes completely. You cannot force someone to love you or behave with respect. If you recently met someone new in a situation where you are looking for love, keep looking. The people you have met so far are not what they appear to be.


    When it comes to money, you can feel disappointed. In no case is it the time to bet, but it is time to sum up, the situation. If money is escaping from you or you trust someone, be careful not to create a conflict. This is not the end of the world. Try to think logically and rationally: Now what?

    Here I'm

    The end of something important is near, so prepare for the consequences. Nothing is permanent in life.


    Evaluate the direction you are heading. Be careful with the opinions of others because they can lead you to become aware of your truth. Seeing the world through pragmatic eyes will balance your optimism.

    Tarot Reading YES or NO - Ten of Swords

    The Ten of Swords shows a sudden end or a negative result in some endeavors in your life. This can mean failure, ruin, or mortality, combined with depression and a feeling of being broken and crushed under the weight of the world. Sharp and negative, this letter says: NO.