The Chariot Tarot Card Meanings

    Travel · Progression · Strong character · Success resulting from effort · Transportation and movement

    The Chariot indicates a lot of energy, but you cannot lose it for anything. It is directed and controlled and means that you have a goal in mind. When the card appears in space, it may mean that you will probably be able to clearly define what your hopes and dreams are and what you want to do to achieve them.

    The Chariot - meaning of the tarot card

    Overall, this card indicates determination and ambition. It's about doing things, testing, and proving that you have what you need. It is a sign that you must move forward with what you have in mind (and in your heart) and find motivation. Remember, however, that to achieve true success, you must use both your intellect and your heart.


    When it comes to love, you may be tempted to compromise too quickly or give in to pressure from someone. However, it is best if you can communicate your limits and preferences and be honest with yourself about your abilities. If you are not interested in a relationship with someone who clearly wants to be with you, the most beneficial thing you can do is inform the person that you are not interested. While this may cause anxiety in the short term, it will benefit everyone in the long run.


    You will do very well in finances in general. You may want to buy something related to transportation: a car or tickets to a place you've always wanted to go. However, your priority now should be paying off your debts. You can do it now with the proper discipline.


    Good news is coming, and you will defeat the opposition in a decisive victory.


    Continue the fight, and you will achieve the success you are looking for. If you don't give up, you will earn honor and recognition.

    Tarot Reading YES or NO - The Chariot

    The Cart announces a trip. It has a positive connotation, so this trip is probably something of progress. It can also mean the last hit you have worked on. The confidence, direction, and victory imagined by this card indicate that the answer is: YES.