The Devil in the Marseilles Tarot - Card Reading

    Learn about the explanation of the meaning of The Devil Card, what it indicates when it goes backward or forwards, and its possible application to the various facets of your life and day-to-day issues.

    The Devil, or The Temptation, is Card XV of the Major Arcana of the Tarot of Marseille. This archetype is associated with human suffering, debauchery, and vices and can be a harbinger of misfortunes, but also with internal demons, who boycott spiritual development and the full expression of the personality. Know the meaning of the Card The Devil in the Tarot, what it indicates when it comes from the right, backward, or combined with other Cards, and its possible application to the various facets of life and day-to-day problems. The Major Arcana numbering tells you where you are in a particular situation or problem. Ask your question to the Tarot and interpret the Arcanum according to its number and respective position in the deck. When his life experiences are complete, El Loco returns to zero. Despite the divinatory meaning of the Cards, think of the Tarot as a journey. If you look at the Letters that are coming out in this way, for each topic you place, it becomes easier to intuitively interpret the Letters and face their messages as, also, a life story.

    The figure and The Symbiology of the Card The Devil in the Tarot of Marseille

    • Arcane XV
    • Zodiac Affinity: Capricorn
    • Keywords: Materialism, slavery, limitation, deception, manipulation, temptation, living a lie, negative energy, bitterness, anger, frustration, self-sabotage.
    • Key expressions: Greed or desire for absolute power, ignorance within a professional or emotional relationship, unconscious or childish reactions, self-imposed slavery, being imprisoned in addictive behavior patterns, being obsessed, negative thinking, limited points of view, generalization, manipulation exercised by others, need to recognize their limitations, live according to the expectations of others.
    • Tip: You can be free. Take control of your life.
    • Reverse Meaning: The limitations of the Charter may seem severe, but it is capable of breaking links that are not beneficial.

    The figure

    The illustration for the El Diablo Card shows a half-naked demonic figure standing on top of a flesh-colored ball that is perched on a red anvil. The breasts are female, but the genital is male, which indicates that it is hermaphrodite. The hands and feet are clawed, and it has bat wings. On his head, he has a headdress in the form of deer antlers. The right hand is upright, and he raises a sword with the left. Two small naked devils, male and female, are tied to its pedestal symmetrically. In Numerology, the number 15 is reduced to 6. The Devil symbolizes instinct, the passion that stirs and leads to a new reality: progress. In Kabbalah, it corresponds to path number 26 of the Tree of Life: the beauty of material splendor.

    The Symbiology

    The Devil Card, despite the name, does not necessarily have a bad meaning. When planning a wedding or business partnership, for example, it can be a positive sign as it can signify permanence. However, in other situations, it has a tendency to indicate apparently favorable circumstances which will turn out to be dire in the future. The archetype of El Diablo brings together everything that is apparently bad. The word "devil" derives from the Greek term " devils, "which means "adversary." This Letter reminds us that, in most cases, it is our inner "devil" that undermines our personality, places obstacles in our way, and that prevents us from progressing and being happy. They are the demons that take away our lucidity, skew our image, and prevent us from reaching the fullness of our potentiality and from building the life we want. The symbolism of El Diablo is also associated with the temptation of the flesh and lust without peace of mind. You can, therefore, seek a relationship outside of marriage or love with an inappropriate person. The Devil indicates all kinds of vice that, over time, have negative consequences for the person. You can tell greed or excess material power and consumption are exaggerated at the expense of spiritual development, which will eventually separate the person from his true essence and the spirit. On the other hand, it may mean that the person is reluctant to admit the evil they cause to others or that they are under attack. This Letter serves as a warning. If for any reason, the person is having a wrong or destructive behavior in relation to himself or to others, this is the time to change course.

    Reading the Card The Devil in the Marseille Tarot Game

    Reading of the Letter to the Law

    This Letter may represent that the person is a slave to their fears, their convictions, or a toxic situation. It may happen that you do not want to see reality as it is or that you have been blinded by illusion. When this Letter comes out in a reading, the consultant questions the origin of their beliefs: must they be theirs or someone else's? Could it be that someone is trying to dominate and abuse him? Are you attracted to someone who does not suit you? Are you going to confuse sexual desire with love? What is stopping you from being happy? Reading this Letter can also be a warning regarding an extravagant lifestyle that the person does not have the means to maintain.

    Reading the Card that comes out the other way around.

    When the Devil Card is turned upside down, it means that the tyranny associated with it begins to fade. The ties that kept him imprisoned in a situation that did not suit him began to loosen. In this position, the Letter can indicate overcoming bad habits, destructive thought patterns, or harmful vices. It also suggests attention to avoiding new relationships with toxic people and the need to choose friends well, and the need to take advantage of opportunities that arise, especially at a professional level.

    Reading Combinations of The Devil with Other Marseille Tarot Cards

    When combined with other Tarot Cards, The Devil brings uncontrollable character and the sensual temptation to the reading. Although, its destructive nature is even more evident when it appears with negative cards like The Tower. When near this Card, it suggests imminent danger. When both are reversed, it is likely that misfortune can be avoided.

    Major Arcana of the Tarot of Marseille

    The Major Arcana, or Great Mysteries, are seen as symbols of great problems, moments, or people. His Letters represent a human archetype, evoking the most varied feelings, moral positions, and behaviors. Discover the Major Arcana and reveal the meaning of each of the Marseilles Tarot Cards.

    Reading, Symbiology, and Interpretation of the Major Arcana of the Tarot of Marseille

    The Tarot is used as a tool for self-discovery and self-knowledge. In this sense, more than guessing the future, it serves to read and interpret all the elements of our life: it describes the current moment, clarifies the motives, desires, and intentions, and points out the path and the energies that are present in our life. The possible readings for each Tarot Card are of virtually infinite variety. There is no single interpretation for each Card, for each Card arrangement, or each reading method. The Tarot is based on intuition. Each person who reads the message of a Letter, or of a set of Letters, intuitively reveals the meaning of the message of the Letter and how it is associated with their reality and life circumstances. The word "arcanum" has its origin in Latin and means "secret." In the Tarot, the Major Arcana are seen as universal, symbolic, and figurative figures: they are considered symbolic of great themes, moments, or people. They are considered archetypes; that is, they represent the most diverse feelings, moral positions, and human behaviors. When they arise in a reading, they indicate an important event or decision, be it practical, spiritual, or emotional. They also establish correspondence with the signs and planets of Astrology.