The Moon in the Marseille Tarot - Card Reading

    Know the explanation of the meaning of the Moon Card, what it indicates when it goes up or down, and its possible application to the various facets of your life and day-to-day issues.

    The Moon is Card XVIII of the Major Arcana of the Tarot of Marseille. This Card shows the dogs that bark at the Moon. This shows an artificial light that symbolizes the strength and dangers of the world of appearancesrumors, and scandals. It reflects the imaginary world, confusion, and insecurity. Know the meaning of the Moon Card in the Marseille Tarot, which indicates when it comes from the right side, the other way around, or combined with other Cards and its possible application to the various facets of life and day-to-day problems. The Major Arcana numbering tells you where you are in a particular situation or problem. Ask your question to the Tarot and interpret the Arcanum according to its number and respective position in the deck. When his life experiences are complete, El Loco returns to zero. Despite the divinatory meaning of the Cards, think of the Tarot as a journey. If you look at the Letters that are coming out in this way, for each topic you place, it becomes easier to intuitively interpret the Letters and face their messages as, also, a life story.

    The figure and the symbolism of the Card The Moon in the Tarot of Marseille

    • Arcane XVIII
    • Zodiacal Affinity: Pisces or Cancer, according to different authors
    • Key Words: Intuition, fear, self-deception, insecurity, confusion, deceptions, invisible world, mirages, instinct, dreams, chimeras, dark feelings.
    • Key Expressions: Loving cases, unrealistic dreams, feeling confused, feeling anxious, worried, and apprehensive, trusting intuition, intuitive ability, losing the sensation of reality, passing to the other world, basic evil forces of the unconscious.
    • Tip: Listen to your intuition.
    • Inverted Meaning: Avoid a deep or complex topic.

    The figure

    In the upper part of the illustration of this Card, you can see the blue halo of the Moon, in which a human profile in the shape of a half Moon appears and from which colored rays come out. At the bottom of the illustration, two towers stand to the right and the left. In the center, two dogs, or a dog and a wolf, face each other and appear to bark or howl. At the bottom of the illustration, there is a mirrored blue lake in which a crab is seen. This illustration shows the division between heaven, earth, and water. The presence of the guard dogs represents a border or an obstacle in the way.

    The Symbiology

    In the Tarot, the Moon reveals a person who is experiencing strong emotions. In that sense, this Letter means illusion because reality can be easily distorted in the face of uncontrolled emotions. Some authors designate this Letter as "the dark night of the soul" or "the night of the spirit," which demonstrates well the somber character associated with it. The vibration of the Moon can be positive or negative depending on the way the person relates to his emotional side. Creative and intuitive people will see their qualities improve. Your artistic genius can reveal itself and go through an extraordinarily creative phase. Those who are too rational and have difficulty dealing with their feelings can become even more disoriented and feel great difficulty in overcoming the emotional instability in which they are immersed. In the face of a state of undisciplined emotions, the message of this Letter translates into the need to detach and face the situation that causes anxiety with serenity. However, this is likely to be a difficult road to travel as it requires great emotional maturity and a high effort to deconstruct illusions and negative emotions. Even so, the dim light of the Moon is present and shows the way, even if it seems more difficult to reach the objectives. According to Numerology, 18 refers to the number 9 (1 + 8 = 9), its base, which is the Letter The Hermit. The symbols of The Moon and The Hermit are strongly interconnected in the Tarot. Both refer to the inner world, to emotions. They are also related to the instinct, unconscious, the invisible world, and the feminine side of the personality. In the Cabala, the Letter The Moon corresponds to path number 29 of the Tree of Life: the victory of natural things.

    Reading the Moon Card in the Marseille Tarot Game

    Reading of the Letter to the Law

    In the Tarot game, when the Moon Card comes out from the right side, it indicates that the querent has an important decision to make but feels confused and divided. However, regardless of the advice and opinions that you may hear, the final decision will always rest with whoever is confronted with the need to make a choice. You will probably need to be more self-confident, trust your intuition to make a decision, calm your emotions, and move on. The presence of this Letter in relation to love suggests the presence of a third person who is creating an obstacle in the couple's communication. On a financial level, remember the importance of self-confidence and planning to be successful in investments. Despite this, the output of this Charter is not negative, and it only alerts for the definition of specific goals and objectives and for the need for action as a way to achieve them. The Moon in this position also suggests a reevaluation of priorities and the importance of balancing professional and personal life. Someone close to you may need more attention and care.

    Reading the Card that comes out the other way around.

    At this time, frustration and impatience are the biggest obstacles in the life of the consultant. Disappointment and deception hang over your life. Reversed, this Card stands for Hidden Traps and Enemies. Lies and dishonesty require caution. Alert to the need to think clearly and objectively. Until this happens, the vision of reality will be distorted by a wave of negativity that will make decisions unclear and not rational. In sentimental terms, the inverted Moon indicates an abusive love or friendship relationship that may be causing great emotional instability. You need to end that situation and move on. This position is not favorable to a clandestine love that can be discovered. This Letter also prevents you from being guided by instincts: certain matters and moments in life demand an objective and clear line of thought. In material terms, this is the time to invest energy, time, money, and creativity in new projects or ideas. The results will be positive if the dedication is genuine.

    Reading Combinations of the Moon with Other Marseille Tarot Cards

    The combination of the Moon with the Sun reveals a certain initial difficulty in establishing an intimate relationship due to the different lifestyles of the members of the couple. Traditionally, when it goes out near the Empress, it predicts health problems in women, especially fertility. Conjugated with The Wheel of Fortune, it announces a great probability of accidents or sudden setbacks.

    Major Arcana of the Tarot of Marseille

    The Major Arcana, or Great Mysteries, are seen as symbols of great problems, moments, or people. His Letters represent a human archetype, evoking the most varied feelings, moral positions, and behaviors. Discover the Major Arcana and reveal the meaning of each of the Marseilles Tarot Cards.

    Reading, Symbiology, and Interpretation of the Major Arcana of the Tarot of Marseille

    The Tarot is used as a tool for self-discovery and self-knowledge. In this sense, more than guessing the future, it serves to read and interpret all the elements of our life: it describes the current moment, clarifies the motives, desires, and intentions, and points out the path and the energies that are present in our life. The possible readings for each Tarot Card are of virtually infinite variety. There is no single interpretation for each Card, for each Card arrangement, or for each reading method. The Tarot is based on intuition. Each person who reads the message of a Letter, or of a set of Letters, intuitively reveals the meaning of the message of the Letter and how it is associated with their own reality and life circumstances. The word "arcanum" has its origin in Latin and means "secret." In the Tarot, the Major Arcana are seen as universal, symbolic, and figurative figures: they are considered symbolic of great themes, moments, or people. They are considered archetypes; that is, they represent the most diverse feelings, moral positions, and human behaviors. When they arise in a reading, they indicate an important event or decision, be it practical, spiritual, or emotional. They also establish correspondence with the signs and planets of Astrology.