The Pope in the Tarot of Marseille - Card Reading

    Know the explanation of the meaning of the Letter The Pope, what it indicates when it goes backward or forwards, and its possible application to the various facets of your life and day-to-day issues.

    The Pope or The Pontiff is Card V of the Major Arcana of the Tarot of Marseille. This archetype supports a triple cross, a symbol of the creative force in the divine, intellectual and physical realms. It represents the bridge between heaven and earth, between God and Men. Know the meaning of the Card The Pope in the Tarot, what it indicates when it comes out of the right, backward, or combined with other Cards, and its possible application to the various facets of life and day-to-day problems. The Major Arcana numbering tells you where you are in a particular situation or problem. Ask your question to the Tarot and interpret the Arcanum according to its number and respective position in the deck. When his life experiences are complete, El Loco returns to zero. Despite the divinatory meaning of the Cards, think of the Tarot as a journey. If you look at the Letters that are coming out in this way, for each topic you place, it becomes easier to intuitively interpret the Letters and face their messages as, also, a life story.

    The Figure and The Symbiology of the Letter The Pope in the Tarot of Marseille

    • Arcane V
    • Zodiac Affinity: Taurus
    • Key Words: Conformity, revelation, reflection, contention, respect, rules, teaching, opportunity, traditional ceremonies, morals, duty, conscience.
    • Key Expressions: Ability to adapt to the reality of the moment, accept discipline, and peer pressure, search for answers, study higher spiritual principles, know how to be worthy, the discernment that comes from knowledge and experience, and spiritual path.
    • Tip: Heal Discord. Commit and learn.
    • Inverse Meaning: potential abuse of power; unfair criticism.

    The figure

    In the Tarot, the illustration of the Card The Pope shows a male character seated between two columns. With his right hand, he blesses two figures that appear in the lower part of the Letter. In his left hand, the Pope holds the shaft of the papal cross. The Pope Figure is significantly larger than the two characters below, which seems to illustrate its spiritual dimension. On the other hand, the two figures below suggest humility and openness receive the dotrina. The Pope symbolizes spiritual wisdom. It doesn't have any books next to it. Wisdom is in your person. This archetype symbolizes the bridge between heaven and earth, between God and men. It also represents Saint Peter, who keeps the keys to paradise. He is the guardian of the truth and the one who explains to men the divine truth that was revealed to him. In Numerology, the number 5 represents the passage from one world to another, change, and evolution. The Kabbalah corresponds to path number 16 of the Tree of Life: the wisdom of mercy.

    The Symbiology

    The archetype of The Pope represents knowledge and education. When this Card comes out in a Tarot reading, it indicates that traditional values are suitable for any action, but it also indicates that the person must listen to what his inner "I" tells him. In a relationship, it may mean that the person needs some guidance or that they must submit to certain rules to achieve their goals. This Arcanum represents moralitydutyand conscience. The need to reflect on a certain issue. It also symbolizes the path that each one must travel to reach the divine, to reveal the "I," to reach a higher plane of existence. It indicates the need to find a purpose for life and the reflection and self-knowledge that such an objective implies. It represents the person who knows, teaches, guides, and transmits his knowledge for the benefit of others.

    Reading of the Card The Pope in the Tarot Game of Marseille

    Reading of the Letter to the Law

    This Letter invites you to make an analysis of the spiritual life and beliefs of the person. Is there a way to approach the divine? Could it be that this reconciliation would be beneficial for the spirituality of the person who draws this Letter? Do you need help from someone you trust to make an important decision? The Pope suggests love, a new relationship, or a friendship that grows stronger in the sentimental field. This Letter is also considered an indicator of marriage. In material terms, it draws attention to the need to help other people, distribute wealth, and place it at the service of the community.

    Reading the Card that comes out the other way around.

    When a Card The Pope goes backward in the Tarot game, it can be an indication that the person is allowing others to have an excessively predominant role in his life. Maybe something or someone prevents you from being fully realized. Will it be the traditional values? Social conventions? A series of current values, but out of adjustment to the particular way of being and being, maybe paralyze ideas and thoughts. This Letter can also represent a loss of faith, giving rise to disorderly or unexpected behavior.

    Reading Combinations of The Pope with Other Marseille Tarot Cards

    Combined with La Torre, The Pope predicts a tragedy that can lead to a crisis of faith. La Muerte indicates a profound transformation in the way of thinking and personal values. With La Estrella, it indicates the need to begin to put ideas into practice, to leave the plans and take action in the real context.

    Major Arcana of the Tarot of Marseille

    The Major Arcana, or Great Mysteries, are seen as symbols of great problems, moments, or people. His Letters represent a human archetype, evoking the most varied feelings, moral positions, and behaviors. Discover the Major Arcana and reveal the meaning of each of the Marseilles Tarot Cards.

    Reading, Symbiology, and Interpretation of the Major Arcana of the Tarot of Marseille

    The Tarot is used as a tool for self-discovery and self-knowledge. In this sense, more than guessing the future, it serves to read and interpret all the elements of our life: it describes the current moment, clarifies the motives, desires, and intentions, and points out the path and the energies that are present in our life. The possible readings for each Tarot Card are of virtually infinite variety. There is no single interpretation for each Card, for each Card arrangement, or for each reading method. The Tarot is based on intuition. Each person who reads the message of a Letter, or of a set of Letters, intuitively reveals the meaning of the message of the Letter and how it is associated with their own reality and life circumstances. The word "arcanum" has its origin in Latin and means "secret." In the Tarot, the Major Arcana are seen as universal, symbolic, and figurative figures: they are considered symbolic of great themes, moments, or people. They are considered archetypes; that is, they represent the most diverse feelings, moral positions, and human behaviors. When they arise in a reading, they indicate an important event or decision, be it practical, spiritual, or emotional. They also establish correspondence with the signs and planets of Astrology.