The Wheel of Fortune in the Marseille Tarot - Card Reading

    Know the explanation of the meaning of the Wheel of Fortune Card, what it indicates when it goes up or down, and its possible application to the various facets of your life and day-to-day issues.

    The Wheel of Fortune or The Wheel of Luck is Card X of the Major Arcana of the Tarot of Marseille. It symbolizes the perpetual cycle of life. It is energy in continuous evolution. Represents the beginning of a new cycle. Everything happens; everything repeats itself. Know the meaning of the Wheel of Fortune Card in the Tarot, which indicates when it comes out on the right side, on the reverse, or combined with other Cards and its possible application to the various facets of life and day-to-day problems. The Major Arcana numbering tells you where you are in a particular situation or problem. Ask your question to the Tarot and interpret the Arcanum according to its number and respective position in the deck. When his life experiences are complete, El Loco returns to zero. Despite the divinatory meaning of the Cards, think of the Tarot as a journey. If you look at the Letters that are coming out in this way, for each topic you place, it becomes easier to intuitively interpret the Letters and face their messages as, also, a life story.

    The figure and The Symbiology of the Card The Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot of Marseille

    • Arcane X
    • Zodiacal Affinity : Jupiter
    • Keywords: Luck, the inevitable, luck, choosing the right moment, turning point, destination, surprise, opportunity, prudence.
    • Key expressions: The only security that exists in life is insecurity; each moment corresponds to a new beginning, and the only thing that prevails is change, synchronism, and coincidence, knowing how to recognize that life is made up of cycles that imply changes and adaptation Letting yourself be carried away by life, without upsetting it, knowing how to take advantage of the opportunities that arise, unforeseen events, not being suspicious of changes and knowing how to take advantage of it for your own benefit.
    • Tip: Accept whatever fate brings you.
    • Reverse Meaning: A difficult phase is almost over. An improvement is coming.

    The figure

    In the Tarot, the illustration of the Wheel of Fortune shows a wheel on a support, with a crank that turns it, and in which three animals are seen. On the left is a monkey clinging to the stem, its head tilted down. To the right is a dog looking up who appears to be climbing. Lastly, at the top of the wheel, on a narrow pedestal, is a sphinx with a golden crown and two Redwings, holding a sword in one of her hands. This Letter plunges the person into a worldly whirlpool. It symbolizes change, renewal, and transformation through time. It is the energy of life in constant mutation. Nothing stays the same forever. Everything happens; everything repeats itself. Represents the beginning of a new cycle. It is the Zodiac and the passage of each of the 12 signs and the twelve Astrological Houses. In Numerology, the number 10 corresponds to the number 1 since the numerological cycles are nine years. It is, therefore, a new beginning or the beginning of a new stage. The Cabala corresponds to path number 21 of the Tree of Life: the mercy of victory.

    The Symbiology

    In the Tarot, The Wheel of Fortune announces a stroke of luck. Something surprising can happen, and life can change for the better. When this Card appears in a reading, it means that fate will bring luck, usually in a sudden and unexpected way. Problems, difficulties, or disputes can be resolved diligently without involving a large personal investment. This Letter also reminds us that destiny is in the hands of each person. It is up to each one to make the most of what life provides. Each one is responsible for the path he travels and the options he chooses, which inevitably lead him to a certain destination.

    Card Reading The Wheel of Fortune in the Marseille Tarot Game

    Reading of the Letter to the Law

    The Wheel of Fortune is among the positive cards of the Tarot deck. Announce a lucky situation, be it on a personal, professional, or financial level. A windfall can occur. However, the wheel also reminds us that life is in constant motion and luck may end, followed by a less positive phase, and so on. In this way, this Letter reminds us of the need to enjoy the bonanza, when everything is going well, of the time that we spend happily and without worries. But also of the need of each one to prepare on land for an eventual storm at sea.

    Reading the Card that comes out the other way around.

    The reversed Wheel of Fortune may indicate a less fortunate period in the Tarot game reading. The changes can occur rapidly (wheel life does not stop spinning, and its rate is uncontrollable), and the constant fluctuations can confuse the person. It is necessary to have the sensation of this reality of change. On the other hand, this Card in this position also indicates that unpleasant surprises may arise but that everything will eventually be resolved.

    Reading Combinations of The Wheel of Fortune with Other Marseille Tarot Cards

    When The Wheel of Fortune is combined with The Chariot, urgent action is needed to act and seize the opportunity at great speed. With The Hermit, the reading suggests the opposite since it imposes caution and prudence. All actions must be weighed carefully to make the best use of the moment. With El Mago, the combination enhances the unexpected nature of luck, while with La Justicia, it promises extraordinary events and eventual renewal in the querent's life.

    Major Arcana of the Tarot of Marseille

    The Major Arcana, or Great Mysteries, are seen as symbols of great problems, moments, or people. His Letters represent a human archetype, evoking the most varied feelings, moral positions, and behaviors. Discover the Major Arcana and reveal the meaning of each of the Marseilles Tarot Cards.

    Reading, Symbiology, and Interpretation of the Major Arcana of the Tarot of Marseille

    The Tarot is used as a tool for self-discovery and self-knowledge. In this sense, more than guessing the future, it serves to read and interpret all the elements of our life: it describes the current moment, clarifies the motives, desires, and intentions, and points out the path and the energies that are present in our life. The possible readings for each Tarot Card are of virtually infinite variety. There is no single interpretation for each Card, for each Card arrangement, or for each reading method. The Tarot is based on intuition. Each person who reads the message of a Letter, or of a set of Letters, intuitively reveals the meaning of the message of the Letter and how it is associated with their own reality and life circumstances. The word "arcanum" has its origin in Latin and means "secret." In the Tarot, the Major Arcana are seen as universal, symbolic, and figurative figures: they are considered symbolic of great themes, moments, or people. They are considered archetypes; that is, they represent the most diverse feelings, moral positions, and human behaviors. When they arise in a reading, they indicate an important event or decision, be it practical, spiritual, or emotional. They also establish correspondence with the signs and planets of Astrology.