The World in the Marseille Tarot - Card Reading

    Please get to know the explanation of the meaning of the World Card, what it indicates when it goes backward or forwards, and its possible application to the various facets of your life and day-to-day issues.

    The World is Card XXI of the Major Arcana of the Tarot of Marseille. This Card is also known in other decks such as The Universe or The Crown of the Magi. The double-ended wand symbolizes infinite powerwholenessinner harmony, and altruism in loveIt is the encounter with the true "I." Learn about the explanation of the meaning of the El Mundo Card in the Tarot, what it indicates when it goes to the right or the other way around, and its possible application to the various facets of your life and day-to-day issues. The Major Arcana numbering tells you where you are in a particular situation or problem. Ask your question to the Tarot and interpret the Arcanum according to its number and respective position in the deck. When his life experiences are complete, El Loco returns to zero. Despite the divinatory meaning of the Cards, think of the Tarot as a journey. If you look at the Letters that are coming out in this way, for each topic you place, it becomes easier to intuitively interpret the Letters and face their messages as, also, a life story.

    The figure and The Symbiology of the Card The World in the Tarot of Marseille

    • Arcane XXI
    • Zodiacal Affinity : Saturn
    • Key Words: Fullness, personal fulfillment, freedom, cosmic love, fearlessness, evolution, material strength, full fulfillment, spiritual strength, destiny, self-fulfillment, artistic inspiration, intuition, great inner harmony, expansion, prize, reward, health, good business.
    • Key Expressions: Reward for hard work and effort, a celebration of "I" with others, a sense of the mission of life fulfilled, discovering a solution, feeling at peace with oneself and in harmony with all things.
    • Tip: Enjoy success.
    • Reverse Meaning: There is no negative meaning to this good Card, only that the conclusion and the reward may be delayed for some time.

    The figure

    The illustration in the World shows a nude figure (a sign of purity and innocence), bordered by a garland, with a veil on her shoulders and a wand in her left hand. The veil covers her sex, not reaching a consensus among the authors as to whether it is a male, female or androgynous figure. Despite their masculine features, they have long hair and, above all, female breasts. In the four corners of the Letter, there are four symbolic figures: an angel, an eagle, a lion, and a horse. All four are surrounded by a halo. Being the last Letter of the Major Arcana, The World suggests the union of the feminine World with the masculine one, the harmony of the genders, and, therefore, its androgynous interpretation is highlighted by many. The circle of the garland and the four animals also suggest harmony, the whole. In the Cabala, this Letter corresponds to path number 32 of the Tree of Life: the foundation of the kingdom.

    The Symbiology

    The World is always a positive card in any Tarot launch, as it signifies the awareness of who one is, of personal limitations and choices. The person assumes his personality and feels good in his skin. There is harmony between the "I" and others. Everything flows effortlessly. The satisfaction is great with the life that one has. Beyond personal acceptancethe World can also mean that the person found their ideal partner or the perfect vocation. His path is clear, and all obstacles are faced as an opportunity to conquer what is desired.

    Reading of the Card The World in the Marseille Tarot Game

    Reading of the Letter to the Law

    The main message of the World Charter is harmony. Thus, when it comes out of the right side in a Tarot reading, it suggests that the person's life is at the point that he wishes, or almost. But, even if you are not fully satisfied yet, there is very little to go to get there, and the goals are clear. In love, it suggests that the current relationship is happy and that the consultant has found his better half. Live in love. Family and friends are present and bring more harmony to personal life. In professional and financial terms, the goals are met, or everything is anticipated as intended.

    Reading the Card that comes out the other way around.

    Since this Letter is so positive, even its inverted position does not have a too negative interpretation. Generally, it means that there is still some way to go and that some obstacles may be encountered. However, these are approached as part of the path and approached with positivism. The reward for the effort made is not compromised. His message is "don't lose hope, don't change your direction." The most negative side of reading the World is an eventual feeling of envy for the success of others.

    Reading Combinations of The World with Other Marseille Tarot Cards

    If the Letter The World comes out with The Magician reversed, the atmosphere will be agitated and possibly live with a certain drama. This combination shows the need for the person to maintain objective, rational and clear reasoning. With the Letter Pope, it means great spiritual progress. The same message is conveyed with The Hanged Man, but in this combination, the revelation may be mystical in nature. With the Chariot, it indicates that the reward will be enormous, but the effort to achieve it will be as well.

    Major Arcana of the Tarot of Marseille

    The Major Arcana, or Great Mysteries, are seen as symbols of great problems, moments, or people. His Letters represent a human archetype, evoking the most varied feelings, moral positions, and behaviors. Discover the Major Arcana and reveal the meaning of each of the Marseilles Tarot Cards.

    Reading, Symbiology, and Interpretation of the Major Arcana of the Tarot of Marseille

    The Tarot is used as a tool for self-discovery and self-knowledge. In this sense, more than guessing the future, it serves to read and interpret all the elements of our life: it describes the current moment, clarifies the motives, desires, and intentions, and points out the path and the energies that are present in our life. The possible readings for each Tarot Card are of virtually infinite variety. There is no single interpretation for each Card, for each Card arrangement, or for each reading method. The Tarot is based on intuition. Each person who reads the message of a Letter, or of a set of Letters, intuitively reveals the meaning of the message of the Letter and how it is associated with their own reality and life circumstances. The word "arcanum" has its origin in Latin and means "secret." In the Tarot, the Major Arcana are seen as universal, symbolic, and figurative figures: they are considered symbolic of great themes, moments, or people. They are considered archetypes; that is, they represent the most diverse feelings, moral positions, and human behaviors. When they arise in a reading, they indicate an important event or decision, be it practical, spiritual, or emotional. They also establish correspondence with the signs and planets of Astrology.