5 Reasons Why Taurus Is the Worst Sign

    Not everything is as good as you imagined, Taurus. You will never be as perfect as you always want to be. And you have to start assuming it ... It is time to accept that you have any problems in your daily life because of that character and because of being Taurus. It is already good to talk only about the good, and now it is time to bring out your darker side, that side that makes you be someone evil. Let's talk about the reasons why you are the worst sign of the Zodiac: No.1 You are very stubborn, Taurus, too stubborn.  On the outside, you may seem like a serene and calm person, but on the inside, you are a person who is very clear about his ideas, who knows what he wants and what he does not want. And, Taurus, there will be nothing, and no one will try to get those ideas out of your head. Yes, it is good to be clear about your fears, but being so stubborn makes you very inflexible in the face of the advice that others try to give you. For you, changing your mind or twisting your arm is synonymous with weakness and vulnerability. Whether you accept it or not, everyone knows that this is one of your worst traits ... No.2 Money is much more important than anyone else imagines, Taurus. And that can be a big problem. You are the type of person who is obsessed with saving, and let's say you don't waste your money on unnecessary things. You are too cautious, and you do not live the life you want to live because of money. You love money, and you have to admit that you are a bit materialistic ... But what are we going to do if you prefer quality to quantity? You'd rather have a stable life with your little quirks and your safety mattress rather than be a spender and spend your savings on nonsense and stupid things. No.3 You are very, very lazy; as they say, laziness can become man's worst enemy. And it is clear that it is your greatest enemy, Taurus. Yes, you are stubborn, and if something gets between your eyebrows, you will do anything to get it, but there are times when laziness gets between your dreams and reality. It may be that you fight and work to achieve your goals. But the problem really comes when someone tells you the things to do and begins to remind you of all the responsibilities that you have pending. You are very lazy when it comes to working on projects that involve other people or projects that you don't like too much. And your laziness goes far beyond all this, it is also present in relationships, and that, Taurus, can be very dangerous. No.4 You are always trying to get everything under control. You make others see that the one in charge is always you, Taurus, whatever happens. You don't let anyone touch your things, nor do you let anyone try to take your position from you. You have difficulty trusting others, which is why you prefer to do everything yourself. Admit it, Taurus, you love to rule; you love to be the one to hold the reins in any situation. You feel good when people listen to you. This obsession with control is not as healthy as you think, Taurus ... It can become a real obsession if you do not try to be more flexible and let others also take control of the situation at some point. No.5 You are so possessive and protective that you can become quite jealous. Yes, Taurus, it is time to admit it; it is time to accept that you are like that and there is no more. And that is something that can subtract points from you, and it is something that makes you not perfect. When you finally get something after a lot of effort, you do anything to protect it, ANYTHING. You will defend it tooth and nail and fight against everything that stands in the way. You are possessive, yes, but in reality, you have to understand that it has cost you a lot to get it and that you are not going to let anyone take it from you just like that. And for your pride, you will do anything to protect it.