How Do Taurus Deal With Breakups?

    Taurus: from April 21 to May 20.


    Taurus, you keep a lot of memories on top of you just because you are afraid of sending them to hell; many times, you let them follow you on social networks, or you do things so that they see that you "have overcome it all" and that you are completely happy without your exes. Taurus, believe it or not, that kind of behavior makes you seem a lot more detached and angry than anything else. And perhaps what you want the most is crying, kicking, and screaming at yourself / or how the hell you couldn't have realized who the person next to you was. Sometimes you mix feelings; sometimes, you are not angry / Taurus; you are just sad. Erase all traces of those people from your life, so they don't attack you with shitty reminders or with "memories" from the past that only hurt you. So that you stop feeling that resentment or that little bit of bitterness when remembering Taurus.


    Out of resentment, that's the most important Taurus, but out of your life now. And how is that done? Well, start by not looking for that person and not subtly letting them find you. Life will treat you well if you go with a good vibe, so let good things happen to you and then show them to the world if you want. But allow yourself the pleasure of them happening and seeing you happy. If you refuse to be sad, everything will go much slower. Take time to deal with sadness. And if you want, find someone you trust to accompany you through this process. Having it all inside only makes you feel worse. So, let it go: tears, uncontrolled crying, or just those words that admit that maybe it wasn't all that bad, even though it's over (even when you leave it). You know that what you want most is to move towards the future, whatever it may be. Because the past, even if it lingers in your mind for a long time, you never liked it too much.