How to Conquer a Taurus

    No.1 With loyalty, sincerity, and transparency.

    This trio is essential in all areas of your Taurus life and is more than essential for someone to find a place in your heart. The person who wins the place of honor next to your heart has to be someone who knows the meaning of the word loyalty, someone who is not afraid to show their flaws, someone who is not afraid, to tell the truth, someone who inspires confidence in you just by speaking Taurus and you know it. In this case, it is your sixth sense that alerts you, and you know it ...

    No.2 If the person who wants to conquer you shows you that he will wait as long as necessary for you to be 100% sure, there are already more points to win over your heart.

    It would be best if you had time to trust Taurus and time to think about all the pros and cons of the relationship. Time to clarify your ideas and to see if it is worth it. A time that runs very fast sometimes, but you take it as necessary, Taurus; for you, time is the key because the truth ends up being born, and you end up knowing people much better.

    No.3 With acts and demonstrations and without any cheap excuses and promises that remain in the air.

    Let's say you don't team up with promises and excuses. Let's also say that you are not going to be with someone who promises a lot and who moves his ass very little, Taurus, and you know it. You like people who take risks and who keep their word through deeds and actions. You love ass-shaking people who do whatever it takes to prove their truth to you. You know.

    No.4 To truly conquer you, you don't have to be too contrary.

    You are not a sergeant who imposes rules and punishes those who do not comply with them, Taurus, but you are quite demanding with your requests, and you know it. For this reason, you could not share time and emotions with someone who ignores you, who goes his way, and who does not want to create a good team with you. The nerves in your head would go to China every two to three with a relationship in which your opinion is not considered.

    No.5 With surprises, small details, and disinterested displays of affection.

    You are not a cold hard piece of stone that has no emotions. On the contrary, you are a very, very emotional and very sensitive Taurus person, and you know it. That is why you like small details and disinterested displays of affection. The gestures of affection, someone who cares about your well-being ...

    No.6 Have an adventurous spirit, but at the same time, a spirit that is very familiar and likes to make pleasant and calm plans.

    A bit of everything, you like to travel, Taurus, and you love to experience and learn about new cultures, but share time and experiences with someone who also loves quiet, family, and personal plans (those that happen at home and on the couch ...) better than better.

    No.7 You like people with ambitions, clear ideas, and plans that are different from those of others; apart from a partner with whom you can share love, you want someone with whom you can share creativity.

    You are struck by people who fight for their dreams, who are strong, determined and who are not afraid to try anything no matter how crazy it may seem ... You love people with an adventurous spirit, those who are not afraid of what they will say and those who fight until the end of Taurus and you know it.